Ash vs Evil Dead


The groovy horror comedy Evil Dead series is now  a 10- 1/2 hour episodic tv series. It will feature the trademark slapstick the  the series is known and loved for.  Star Bruce Campbell in entertainment weekly says they “had to remind Starz that it’s not a straight up horror, and that things can get a little ‘weird’ ” The movies’ original director Sami Rami is back and has directed at least the first episode!

 The demons in the land of Evil Deadlore are speedy and in your face racing to the slaughter. Sam Rami is here to Geek out the Deadite masses with his GOREiously punchy Splatter filled and knowingly cheesy half hour series based on the original 1980s movie series. Bruce Campbell is back as the chainsaw wielding protagonist Ash the accidental hero is called back  to action after unleashing (yet again) a horde of deadites. The show for a sense of what you are in for wallows in exploding heads, possessed dolls, and other menaces of the supernatural while the its warriors are drenched in geysers of blood.

You will laugh and maybe cringe but you’ll be too busy laughing to do so.

The show has yet to air (i am writing this sentence on October 28th) and I just found out it is already renewed for a 2nd season!

I have to watch it when it re-airs as it’s on the same time as Doctor who or the Last Kingdom and being as they were on first, they have priority. Of what I watched so far, its exactly as they explain it pure camp! Ash hasn’t changed and is a welcome to all these remakes etc. This is neither a remake, nor reboot or prequel.

I had to laugh when I saw him putting the girdle on in the first episode, then there’s the doll in a future episode in some serious need of the dentist from hell. This all just shows you can’t keep a man who won’t grow up down.  Bruce Campbell says his character Ash has not changed with the times, he’s still stocking shelves.

Ashley (Ash) Williams dim wit demon hunter of Evil Dead  stars Campbell and that famous jawline which rose to cult status  long before his stint on Burn Notice,  in the tongue in cheek, campy horror romps, Evil Dead in 1981, Evil Dead 2 in ’87 and 1993’s Army of Darkness.  By reading from the mythical Book,  demon forces therein reek havock when invoked.

The crowds that rooted for the loser Ash from the get go, those loyalists are the exact reason things will be ‘Groovy’ again in ghoul town. Campbell knows he has the fans to thank for his career and this is a thank you to his fans. The first season has 5 and a half hours of new material, meanwhile it took 12 years for three movies, so this is the way we’ll get our long lasting stream of the franchise.

Rami, the original writer director of the trilogy is back to make sure its for the right reasons and everything is done right. Fellow ‘dead producing partner Rob Tapert is back but as an executive producer to maintain the out there tone. The milk of mad cap macabre is what won the status for the Evil Dead  and has always been an unrated gore-fest with outrageous visuals and crazy goings on that are really suited for drive-in theaters says Rami in TV.

This shockingly from the man who has shot a scene from the perspective of an eyeball flying into the mouth of a screaming ingenue! Neither network or regular cable wanted this type of entertainment. It’s a unique experience that goes over the top with black humor and gore. Even better Starz did not try to water down the elements that makes up the franchise’s signature. Had a network station picked up the show, what we love about the Evil Dead series would have been watered down in the show and most likely would have failed (it would have been lucky to show at least 5 episodes!)

The show picks up 23 years after Army of Darkness, and find our one handed hero Ash still working at a low end superstore stocking shelves, cracking bad jokes and chasing skirts. After a night of partying in his Airstream trailer the lack of demons ends with a a chemically altered Ash  cracking open the book of haunts; known best to the die-hard as the human flesh bound  Necronomicon ex mortis, to impress a lady and literally raises hell again! Ash however is not on his own, by the end of the episode he’ll have help from two of his co-workers.

Xena I mean Lucy Lawless plays Ruby, a badass with a link to the Evil Dead franchise mythos her father was the original holder of the book in the movies and her whole family was wiped out and now holds a grudge against Ash.

If Ash is all warm & fuzzy the audience knows Raimi isn’t doing his job but the good news is there’s no shortage of pain agony & torment.

As far as the episodes I’ve seen, (I think I’ve missed one recently) half an hour long episodes are the perfect amount of time, Zi Approved  TV seriesand the gore camp and so on is on par with the movies. I think die-hard and casual long time fans (I’m somewhere in between) will both enjoy being able to watch the weekly show. I think even Buffy, Angel & Supernatural fans would enjoy the demonic chaos that follows Ash and his new partners in paranormal crime around.      B


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