Wicked City

wicked-cityTuesdays    10pm    ABC

11 episodes   VIA IMDB

Starring Ed Westwick, Jeremy Sisto, Erika Christensen,  Taissa Farmiga & Gabriel Luna

The 1980s Sexually licentious sleazy of the anything goes Sunset strip; and when it raged, in plain sight a monster could easily hide. The show will be a close ended anthology like that of American Crime.

Stars Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl Chuck Bass Fame as the Killer Kent Grainger. The Smart seductive, charmer who restores old cars for a living and gets his kicks, not on ROute 66, but from stabbing women inside them. He’s a human chameleon posing as any other guy who will make one of the lady’s dreams come true be it in film or music.

Entertainment weekly’s preview says “If you think Ed Westwick was sinister as Gossip Girl’s Chuck bass, forget about it. He Exponentially ups the  creep factor’ as the 1982 Los Angeles serial killer

The show follows 2 cops played by Jeremy Sisto and Gabriel Luna on the case of the serial killer after a violent string of murders. There are times kent plays the nice guy, is this an overall mask he wears?

Erika christensen plays Betty Beaumontain The accomplice who is a nurse and dingle mother and until meeting Kent didn’t know she had a bloodthirsty bone in her body.

“Another Day, Another corpse in the murder capital of the world”

-blares the L.A. Radio in the background

Jack Roth is the veteran detective played by Jeremy Sisto. He’s a hardworking family man  with a devoted wife and daughter. he’s a great good cop, but better bad cop. He grows obsessed  to the point of self-destruction with cases. He may love his family, but he is also broken inside; and  catching the bad guys helps fix him.

“To me she’s a victim; to you she’s a step up” -Jack to Paco

Paco Contreras The rookie transfer played by Gabriel Luna a vietnam vet with ambition which doesn’t go over well with the new partner. One wants the job done the other and the other who will do anything to get ahead.

Karolina Wydra plays the Undercover cop Dianne Kubek who is Jack’s lover and the 2 are forced to work together. Through evidence, it seems as though their cases cross.

Taissa Farminga (American Horror Story) plays the Wide-eyed reporter Karen McClaren who is a recent college grad and wants to write for Rolling Stone but ends up working at an alternative rag on the crime beat keeping the victims voices alive so they are not just thrown away and so leads her to this case.

and Karen’s colleague  Diver Hawkes a paparazzo played by   Evan Ross

Just as the show started its run, it seemed to go on hiatus! maybe I missed a few episodes or could it have been canceled and I didn’t hear about it. Looking up to find if that is the case, sadly it has been pulled however the new in the noted link, says the show is still in production and will end with the 6th or 8th episode. The only question is will ABC air those episodes, or just do a DVD.



Adam Rotenberg was the detective in the original pilot.


Billy Idol (3 songs)

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts  Crimson & Clover

(2 additional I can’t remember the name or artist)

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