Happy Whatever you celebrate

This is a bit of a Musing but may sound like ranting (it is in a way but I really needed to get this out)

I don’t care or  maybe just flat out can’t stand the holidays. To me it’s based on a bunch of B.S. ‘keep christ in Christmas’ is part of it as the christians stole traditions from the pagans (to get them to convert) and twisted them to their own agenda.

Then there’s Black friday, small business saturday & Cyber Monday crap as well. A friend in Pennsylvania whose birthday is on christmas and celebrates the holiday is annoyed as she has seen stores putting up  Christmas decor & specials sometimes as early as September. For those that put up their decor at a reasonable time (& start to play the music early) there are some people who walk right out if it’s before Thanksgiving. And for those who do put the decor up early or even if not.. where’s Hanukkah & Kwanzaa  decorations, and stuff  or even make a section for those and let’s not forget the Festivus poles!  The only thing I ever see for Yule is the Yule log… and I’m sure people don’t even have a clue what the yule log ‘tradition’ is, but you can read about it in Yuletide Holidays

Also everyone seems to say ‘Merry Christmas’, not all of us celebrate christmas and therefore if you do not know what a person celebrates should say Happy holidays. Hell even say Happy Festivus for those that might be Seinfeld fans.  The Other December Holidays

I’ve seen a Christmas Parade ON my birthday November 19 in Toronto in 2006 which pissed me off for the fact that it got me lost. (Now I understand their Thanksgiving is in October, but the December Holidays stuff should not be out until at least the week OF the U.S. Thanksgiving) Besides it’s my damn birthday which is a week away from Black Friday (which now has seemed to turn into black Thursday.  There are some people who I don’t mind if you decorate on the day before or on Thanksgiving  that’s pretty much a whole month of them being up fine, but when you leave them up past New Years day (& you are not Russian/Ukrainian or whatever other areas celebrate ‘Little Christmas’ I want to take your decor and break it!

I am so happy I do not live near those obnoxious areas which seem to have a holiday ‘Light fight’. How do people sleep with those bright lights? It’s as if there’s never a nighttime (& I love nighttime! but then I am a Night Owl! or if you ask some family & friends.. more like a bat! So what I am getting at is my fave band posted this and it’s actually bearable… would have been funnier though if they used Sully Erna’s earlier band Strip Mind’s song ‘Jingle My Bells’  instead


Praise, rants & Rage reply here

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