the Squatty Potty

I originally posted this earlier to my main blog… but the ad is for real… and frankly had me laugh enough to shed a few tears. So if you are having a bad da, I hope this will cheer you up (or you can at least dream about the pretty easy on the eyes ‘prince’ in the ad!



While waiting for a video this ad came up. First I thought is this really a legit ad, and wondered what it was for. Ended up watching the whole thing as I almost ended up in tears laughing and ladies… the guy ‘Prince’ is quite easy on the eyes.

WHAT THE!!!!!! well for those of you that actually need it… here’s the link to the Squatty potty site

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2 responses to “the Squatty Potty

    • not sure why I even stopped and watched if It was the rainbow icevream poop or the guy!! (I have to send it to my friend Drea she loves unicorns! & just got a sleeper (with the feet like when you were a kid)


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