Agent – X

Sundays    TNT

The action wasn’t convincing for me though you hear the noise as the bullet cuts through flesh with a squish .

Sharon Stone plays  the Natalie  McCabee the first woman Vice president. Jeff Hephner (No relation that I can find to Play boy founder)  plays John Case the Agent and oh it seems we have some sort of Free Masons thing going on (wish I had a secret passage)

I would liken this to The Player,  but I think the action in that has been better from the start and more fast paced than in this. It s is only the pilot though. The player also has a deeper mystery plot and not just a crime err Bet of the week deal. agent-X we have yet to find out the underlying plots.  I think with this we already know about the mystery unless I missed something.

One quote in the show was something to the affect about the Veep seeming not to have any big responsibilities. That is because of a secret clause in the ORIGINAL (& only copy) of the constitution with a Section five that says the VP job gets a special covert Operative code named agent  X. THe agent’s mission is to keep the country safe from enemies abroad  and domestic.

Ah here’s the quote….

“I was always intrigued that the constitution  gave the vice president no duties other than taking over if the president dies and breaking a tie in the Senate”

Russians, room service and martial arts.. this guy is bond without the gadgets (you’ll see what I mean when he’s all dollied (all pun intended) up for the room service bit. I guess you could say being as one of the Bourne writers write this that there’s a bit Jason Bourne to this. Vp Natalie chooses when and where to dispatch the agent. Gerald McRaney plays Malcom Millar  and his official job is the VP butler  but is really her consigliere and a mentor father figure and protector to the agent.


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