Tokyo Gore Police

2008  NR  1:49   DVD   from Director Yoshihiro Nishimura

Key Man  a crazed scientist has developed a virus that mutates humans. Ruka a Samurai sword (Katana) wielding cop is called upon to wipe out the mutations. She is one of  if not, the top called to take down what is called ‘Engineers’.  Engineers are able to create other mutants with what looks like a key.

So far the gore is a cheese fest and can tell some of the props are made of plastic or rubber. The movie is a bit silly and weird but there are also some quite amusing moments and funny parts.

I think it would be safe for me to say its a grind-house type film (heck there were a couple parts I thought of Planet Terror) and exploitation and schlock. I just wonder one thing WTF is up with the house roof on top of the police car??

well one favorite part I had a laugh at is the  I’ll Give you something to ‘Wine’ about part; then there’s the Killer flip off as well.

Single tear laughable  cause you are not gonna believe some of this crap. It’s not for everyone but give it a try.   C

I wanted to include some images of parts of the movie so you could see the ‘tone’ but I didn’t for 1 of 2 reasons.. one of them would have ruined part of the movie and the others… well this is supposed to be a G-PG-13 blog as far as language and images go. Most of the images would likely have gotten my account suspended.

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