San Andreas

2015  PG13  1:54 Blu-ray    stars the Rock, Paul Giamatti Carla Gugino & Alexandra Daddario   +Cast


The Rock goes heroic again in this siezemic production of what Californians and most of the U.S. knows as ‘The Big One’; and  I’m not talking fish. This is the one that will likely be the one which will make a revision in our maps that California or at least the coast along the fault will break off from the rest of the country. The Cataclismic earthquake of the largest fault (to my knowledge) which splits a family between L.A. and San Francisco  and the beginning scene works as a PSA for No phone activity at all while driving.

OMG I just saw former ‘Locomotion’ singer  Kylie Minogue is in this and I knew that ‘english’ boy looked familiar.. he plays the son in Dracula Untold

‘The Rock’ plays an LAFD chipper pilot who sounds like he damages the helicopter alot. He saves his ex-wife who’s current boyfriend played by the handsome   Ioan Gruffudd   (pronunciated  Yo-han  Griffith) is a nice guy but a coward.

Does it have the thrills and action you’d expect… YES!

Do I regret NOT seeing it in the theater…. YES!

for me it was even a horror movie and I’m sure as well as for anyone who has experienced an earthquake minor or worse.

Back in the 80s, I experienced one when I was little. My father was away which means it was likely October or November (Hunting season) and so I got to sleep in the big bed. Glad I was… I woke up saying Mr. T was shaking the bed. It was only a few seconds but for the fact it was enough to make new cracks in the pavement outside I think that means it was at least a 3.5 (if not a 5.3) I did not like that and am terrified New York’s plate will shift again before I die.

I’m not one that needs to use motion sickness pills.. but I should have taken one before this! There’s one part they show the earth ‘doing the wave’ talking about rolling hills, I had to go grab some ginger ale… it made me feel nausea! And again when one of the buildings fell (can’t remember which .. maybe it was the boyfriend’s building)

There’s parts where you should feel the tension building even though you know its coming, but there is none.

Watching this made me feel a thousand times more freaked out than I did as a kid. So as far as natural disasters go, the movie wasn’t and this would have been worth the price seeing in the theater. Had i seen it in the theater I probably would have had a panic attack cause I felt anxious while watching the movie.

So if you have a blu-ray player and a big screen tv… make sure there’s no one playing under the couch and chairs, but making the sound loud then you can immerse yourself in the chaos of everything going on. (Stimulation overload in some parts) and this movie made me realize why I don’t like NYC (or maybe at least on a subconscious level) because there’s too many huge tall buildings and it’s a freaking island and I am NOT getting stuck if something bad happens there. Its few & far between times that I go to the city so consider yourself special if i ever do and especially if I would ever visit someone in California cause knowing my luck… there’s be one when I’m there!


San Andreas Fault   & on   you can explore more on the Fault line here


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