Heroes: Reborn

Thursdays NBC 8pm

With the 13 episode reboot viewers will quickly learn the cheerleader from the original 2006 series wasn’t saved,and has been dead for a whole year. (after searching for the feature image and seeing one banner saying “Kill the cheerleader save the show” I couldn’t help but let out a hearty laugh as I was (and still am) so sick of hearing  “Save the cheerleader save the show”.

Those new to the series, shouldn’t have a problem if they didn’t see the original series, though I personally think you may need a little bit of Heroes Knowledge. (maybe just watch an episode or 2 from each season of the original)

The original series was canceled 5 years ago and now picks up with the ‘heroes’ being called EVOs (evolved) and are hunted after a disastrous incident which the rest of the population blames them for. This happens when Claire after outing herself by jumping off a ferris wheel and regenerating a disastrous explosion happens at the summit that’s supposed to unite EVOs and Humans which kills the cheerleader and many other EVOs on June 13th. This is supposed to be a 9/11 type event in the show
Now we have a new slew of “ordinary people with extraordinary abilities” (and villains) as well as 4 (that I know of) returning vets. Masi Oka, Greg Grunberg, Mohinder & Noah Bennett still rocking the retro eyewear  (the only major character from the original w/o powers)  Noah aka HGR is under a new name  when Henry Zebrowski ‘s Quintin Faraday’s conspiracy theorist tracks him down. Noah is trying to find out what happened to his daughter, he has no recollection of that day.

Volume 1 Episode 1: A Brave new world

Scientist Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) has been blamed  for the June 13th ‘attack’. The attack at Primatech in Odessa was during an International Summit meant to unite the Evos and regular people. Hundreds maybe even thousands of EVos and equally humans lined up outside for a world’s fair like event when all came crashing down around them.   Now the world with people like Zachary Levi’s character who lost his son are striking back.  Those with superpowers are now known as ‘EVOs in which   HRG in the original series was after. Noah (HRG)  is the spine of the series and looks like he’s leaning towards that he’ll be helping them. His journey uncovers the shows backstory along the way.

Heroes Fizzled off the air February 8 2010 after being critically adored  it abruptly ended in the 4th season and left die hard fans with a lack of closure plus in a way was really just starting says one of the creators (in either TV guide or Entertainment weekly)  Claire the Cheerleader jumped off a 60 foot ferris wheel in New York Central Park and revealed her regenerative powers to the media and so the entire world learned of those with super abilities.

With the EVOs growing in number  they are being hunted, captured and even slaughtered in some cases; especially by the company Renatus. The name of the company is a play on the latin word for reborn and is abducting EVOs to use their powers, to power their server or product that helps them find other EVOs.

The original took place in a world of danger and complication but carried messages of world consciousness and hope. ‘Reborn is a whole new world and messages of fears, prejudices and more. The Heroes are forced into hiding when they are needed most; with an end of the world event building, some Tarintino shock & violence. Fan fave Masi Oka’s time bender will be back for a handful of episodes, meanwhile he’s till a Hawaii 5-0 regular, however Reborn is about the new cast not the ‘old guys’.

Greg Grunberg’s telepath Matt Parkman is back and no longer the LAPD moral compass but now a hired gun taking any gig to keep his family safe even working for EVO haters.


There’s an Afghan war vet played by Ryan Guzman whose character a randy, boozy, tortured soul struggling with  his self worth Carlos Gluttierez,  fights crime in a luche libre costume under the alias El-Viengador (I hope I spelled that right)  and is the first to don a superhero costume, while masquerading around downtown L.A. barrios.

Kiki Sukezane plays Miko Totaro a katana wielding young woman whose alter ego will have the gamer and anime manga geeks buzzing. A gamer in the show, shows up to her flat and says she looks familiar. he later comes back with what looks like a comic- graphic novel  whose character looks just like her and her dad seems to have written it.  She seems obsessed with Origami Dragons (oh please teach me to do it)  Oh yeah that game is called ‘Evernow’  in which the gamer notices an image (tapastry?) on her wall of the Evernow world in which she seems to know nothing about. She’s on a search for her dad in which is an expensive ‘venture’ for heroes.

Next we have teen on the lam Tommy Clark played by Robbie Kay (once upon a Time’s Pan) can make people (and himself) ‘disappear’ but comes to learn it’s really teleporting.  (now THAT’s the power I’d like I could travel anywhere)

Now onto Zachary Levi’s Luke Collins whose son died during the summit his wife Joanne (Judi Shekoni) is hell bent on revenge against all EVOs . However what do you do when you hate what you are or your loved one?


Malina (Danika Yarosh) is 16 and can control Earth and Sky Elements having been told all her life she is detined for greatness and so has been protected from society in the Artic by an unseen entity while she fine tunes her powers and gets stronger



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