Entourage: THe movie

2015  R 1:44

Stars.. The cast returns in full and there’s so many cameos! (yes we know about Rousey)

So Vincent Chase and the posse is back and finally make it to the big screen. Feels good to hear that theme music again and still love the credit montage. it took awhile for me to notice when watching the show that the signs & billboards were the credits~ I thought it was quite original at the time and still is.

Ari is now retired but that doesn’t last long he starts to run a studio an Vinny not only is starring in ‘Hyde’ but wants to direct too.  I’ve come to realize during one of Ari’s fits I think I can now see why my friend Danielle says I was funny when I’d go on a rant!  While he’s in the car with the meditating cd on Every time he goes ‘Ommmmm’ had me laughing.

I find that they only made what’s to be the opening scene of the fictional movie Hyde to be disappointing at least have maybe 2 other scenes, one with Drama (you’ll figure out why) and some other part of it. A big thing was the 6th Sense kid (Haley Joe Osmet I think) trying to get Drama cut from the movie amoung a long list of other changes and edits he wanted.


It was just like watching the shows usual antics only on a bigger scale and I think any fan of the show would enjoy watching.




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