The Walking Dead season 6

(there is a line in this that may not be suitable for children to read, but then the walking dead isn’t for children to watch, unless they are me when I was 5!)

After Rick awakes from his coma to find that he’s now in a zombie infested world in the pilot episode, he finds refuge with Morgan who we later meet again without all his marbles. Last year we saw him on the trail of our survivors. Morgan basically set off to find Rick because he’s the last person on the planet that knows him  and the bond they have is why he set off to find Rick.

The hour and a half season pilot  was filmed in not only color but Black and White as well. They use of the black and white was to tell the (back) story of what their plan is to keep (divert) the zombies to the quarry,  While the color scenes is the story in ‘real’ time.

I loved the way they used the black and white and that it gave the show a night of the Living Dead feel. When they said this year was going to be ‘BIG’ and the most zombies ever, they weren’t kidding!

Forget about a Zombie horde! That’s a freaking entire City! (or Maybe Town or village depending on the population needed)

and (Spoiler?) someone dies… but does it matter is the question. I didn’t find the character likable so probably not. Their modeling career would certainly be over if they didn’t!
There were a couple of parts I think were supposed to be funny, like Eugene overhearing a conversation, then just saying… Hello. It didn’t come off as anything other than maybe a chuckle.

In past seasons the show has had a weak spot of falling into a repetitious pattern of Rick & Company find a new group or town that may or may not be trustable and the aforementioned turns out not to be and fights to stay or flees.

The episode is told in 2 threads The black and white filmed shows the messy aftermath of the ‘town meeting’  in last season’s finale, while the color enacts the risky plan to deter a bigger threat to the humans, the horde!!! It feels sort of like a heist crossed with Night of the living dead.
As for some of the make-up FX which is one of my Top 3 if not #1 Fave about the show (besides the story and Gore of course) is more impressive this season, the zombies are extra grody this season due to decomposition. Now instead of the walking dead, they can call it the rotting dead.

There’s an episode (was it Jss) which I thought was great where I thought the zombies got into Alexandria but its really the wolves. JSS = Just survive somehow

Morgan has a new calm zen like outlook on life , but why do you still refuse to kill anyone that threatens you (or friends) they are just going to come back and stab or bite you! But then again he is that good with the Bo staff. Could this infiltration of the wolves be his fault? Rick last saw him in season 3 the episode ‘Clear’ which was Morgan obsessively ‘killing zombies to ‘clear’ the area while if he had not already losing his sanity. He’s now making his purpose about life not death and trying to stick by the mantra that all life is previous and this season is an investigation of if that is possible or not. his concern is if he can co-exist within a community while and find a sense of belonging while being the man he is now trying to be.

We have many growing threats, a Zombie herd, and the violent outlaw wolves. Season 6 is huge

later while on Talking dead.. Kevin smith says ‘It was like receiving Oral that doesn’t end”

a viewer wrote into TV guide and said this seasons pilot was one of the best episodes of the series so far



“Have you ever done something you did not know who you were anymore? Had so much blood on you, you didn’t know if it was yours, a walkers or your friends’-Michone


for added measure You have to highlight the textf

Is the set up of 2 trailers near another close enough so no one should be able to get through, and a Zombie walks between, pulling what’s left of it’s skin and sinew off the body. On the Talking dead Nicotero explained how they did that.

Glenn playfull calls Rick a dumb ass  then gets caught in a horde of ZOmbies thanks to an idiot alexandrian so now Is Glenn dead or not??

Glenn’s wifey is preggers

season 6 pilot recap 


The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere: Five Best Quotes

We already have a mid season return date!! (I just wish these shows would come back like right after the new year (or no hiatus at all, most of the shows are already taped if not all)

Anyway so some will be having a Bloody Romantic Valentines! Guys & Girls I hope you love this show as your significant other does. Cause The show would win over a Valentine dinner  etc with me anytime!


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