Insidious Chapter 3

2015  PG13  1:37

This is a prequel to the previous two installments which follows a gifted (more like the) Psychic who helps a tormented teen threatened by a paranormal entity the girl originally thinks is her mom trying to contact her.

Unlike the first movie, this did not feel malicious at all, nor did it have that creepy feel like someone unseen was in the room watching you. The final  shot gives us the ONLY feel of the scary Terror of the original actually gave me a start and made me not want to get off my bed (I knew that first movie would haunt me the rest of my life!! it’s the only ‘recent’ one that has come anywhere close to actually scaring the crap out of me! That red faced demon still sends chills through me!) the rest of the movie was pretty lame and just a ‘haunting’ type movie. Alice is going through a bit of a crisis, then gets hit by a car and everything gets worse


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