Blood and Oil

Sundays 9pm    Official ABC site


Don Johnson  as Hap Briggs a throwback to the riverboat gamblers of yesteryear.

(wow i don’t think I’ve seen him in anything since the 80s!)

Chace Crawford  (Gossip Girl)  as billy LeFever

Rebecca Rittenhouse    Cody LeFever

Amber Valletta     as Darla Briggs

Scott Michael Foster plays briggs son Wick


Johnson  describes the series as

“a sprawling, spic, prime-time drama full of secrets, double crosses, back stabbing and sex; the seven deadly sins are on full display. 

So basically it’s Gossip Girl and instead of the upper east side, it’s the northern mid-west,  gushing with oil, instead of Diamonds and Prada.

Unlike the glamour and excess of 1980s series Dallas, Blood and Oil is not that. This is about the oil-field workers and people living in the trucks, as well as the super rich. The show is about a modern day oil boom in North Dakota, (but filmed in Park City, Utah)  on the Bakken formation. It’s a rowdy sexy western soap that centers on the relationships of a powerful Oil Tycoon and his 2nd wife who is his business partner and a wall street whiz.

Gossip Girl Alum Chace Crawford’s blue collar working class character Billy  Lefever  moves from Florida with his wife, Cody to the fictional Rock Springs, ND to make their fortune. Billy is a bad gambler and an even worse driver. Is there the possibility that one person can have both Good and bad luck at the same time, (besides that of which you can control, like bad driving? but in his defense that road could use at least 2 more lanes.)

Billy has a tendency of diving head first while the more cautious Cody is worried  about her Charming husband’s gambling side causing a problem.  Cody could care less about striking it rich, she has her own goals and works at the local pharmacy.

Brigg’s son Wick is the proverbial spoiled rich ‘kid’ until he’s forced to start from the bottom  and gets Billy fired. Daddy then cuts him off, No home, or money etc. So he schemes to steal some oil from pops and it go awry. He’s in with the wrong people, but then again when you are in with the oil tycoon you may say the same; it all depends on your point of view.Zi Approved  TV series

UGH! Cliff hanger  at the end of this ep till next week I leave you with this Oil pond.

I’m hooked on the show, and my first impression of it being like Gossip Girl I was right. Backstabbing, Cheating, and well I feel
bad for Billy as he just can’t seem to get a break. Don Johnson’s oil tycoon is reminisce of the school yard bully if he used his brains instead of brawn.




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