Scream Queens

the 15 Episode season  Premiered   Sept. 22 on Fox @ 8 p.m.  




Jamie Lee Curtis as the Wallace University’s Dean of students  Cathy Munsch and who has a deep hatred for the Kappa Elitists  and institutes an open pledge  police for the house  that forces Chanel to accept anyone who rushes. The newly divorced dean isn’t without her own skeletons in the closet at times is quite creepy and I think I’d be more scared Sh** of her than the Devil get-up.

Emma Roberts as the Queen B of Kappa Kappa Tau sorority Chanel Oberlin

Abigail Breslin–  Chanel’s  5th rate lackey suck-up  is emotionally hanging by a thread  on edge: Neurotic and anxious does she have a killer instinct

Skyler Samuels as the seemingly innocent Grace. Her dead mom was once a Kappa

Diego Boneta as Pete Martinez  barista and running school paper & Romancing Grace

Nick Jonas as Boone roommate to Chad and in the closet.

Lea Michelle as the neck Braced  scoliosis ridden  fashion challenged pledge Hester Ulrich

Oliver Hudson as Grace’s super supportive father Wes who seems quite calm  but may be a tiny bit  over protective

Billie Lourd as Chanel #3   (did I miss something, what is with the earmuffs?) 

Ariana Grande as Chanel # 2  who to me always looks like she 12

Keke Palmer  as Zayday Williams  possible future 1st Female Pres. of the U.S. this character is basically the audience’s voice. You know those things you yell at the tv. She and Grace are the only voices of reason so far.

 FULL cast on IMDB

From the creators of American Horror Story & Glee Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy.

More cringe than scream worthy the schlock horror spoof has  biting dialogue with most of the verbal warfare being between the snooty KKT sorority pres Chanel Oberlin  and  the bitter Dean of students. One of these scenes takes place in the pilot in the dean’s office and Chanel is making as though she’s a knife thrower with the verbal assaults.

the show will likely remind you of Scream and does owe it a debt.

The 2 hour premier was the ‘Hell Week’ for sorority

We start with a little back story and dark secret  from 1995 of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority. One of the sisters has a child during a big party then dies.  Now I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be 2005 or 2015 but after the president of KKT is called to the Dean’s office the President of the National Kappa chapter lawyer Gigi Caldwell Played by Nasim Pedrad walks in and OMG she’s wearing 90s acid washed fashion! As mentioned in the pilot she’s stuck in the 90s due to a traumatic experience. “Don’t think she’s PTSD-angerous’ as she said in TV Guide  her character changes as she goes on.

The killer wears a Devil costume which turns out to be the school’s mascot, which one of our main characters does and so is suspect .

For me the show has a feeling of Scream meets Urban Legend with a sprinkling of Heathers thrown in.

I thought ‘she’d’ be the first to go and was an awful death scene, I’ve ever seen and by that… I don’t mean gory or scary. I know this is supposed to be campy, but oh I can’t even go there;You’ll have to watch to understand.

What the…. is with Chanel number whatever and those earmuffs?

Jamie Lee Curtis is a hoot, and can be really creepy…oh wait she just said something that made it sound like she’s the killer.

Silly, Campy, but funny and damn did they have to make a playlist of every song I have ever heard through my life?

Oh wow! Just found out Princess Scream Queen Heather Langenkamp from the Nightmare on Elm St. movies is behind the Make-up FX. Her husband owns AFX studio which did Cabin in the Woods, and American Horror Story, and one if not both of the recent Star Trek movies. in the past as well.

10 REAL Stories Behind Terrifying Horror Films

My Suspects

Dean Muschen

Grace’s Dad

Crazy 90s person




This slasher series  filmed in New Orleans not only shocks but also mixes in some tickles as well, one way in which is meta self awareness like that of Scream. However we have Gossip Girl biting satire from the Chanels and an Agatha Christie style mystery. EW puts it in quite a fun way…

” a really bitchy daughter birthed of Glee and American Horror Story if they met and hooked up”

Speaking of AHS, Queens will also be an ‘anthology’ series so any survivors will be in the next season just in a new place.

The creators are trying to push the boundaries of what can be said and done on network tv. The show  was pitched as Friday the 13th meets Heathers ah… so THAT explains the  “when I was just a little girl” song  at the beginning of the 3rd ep (1st one after the 2 hour premier)  I had a good laugh when I saw, what I call the ‘Back street boys’ scene in the episode, though we do lose someone in that scene I think though not sure if its one that matters.

The mystery is said to be more elaborate than we think surrounding the events of what took place in the first scene of the 2 hour pilot. That 20 year old conspiracy that now plagues the students of KKT sorority and anyone they’re associated with. The cast still does not know who the killer is, but all will be revealed in the finale and the actors only find out who dies when they get an episode’s script.

TV Guide’s Matt’s Take

Crude, Cruel and more trashy than funny in it garish mean girls parody, Murphy’s slasher spoof is almost certain to be a critic proof hit. What’s really worth of raves: the delicious Curtis, throwing pithy shade at these pathetic junior divas.

Binge worthyZi Approved TV series

spoiler alertDuring one of the scenes, by the way the devil moved to open or pick up something I think it’s one of the ‘girls’

Body Count

Miss Bean ? the maid

Chanel #2  knew not so Grande wouldn’t last long in this) 

 ‘Deaf Taylor Swift’ – one of the pledges


Candle fetish girl

some other bro in the dickie dollar scholar frat.

jamie-lee-curtis-on-recreating psycho scene  *


Scream Queens season 2

This season we have what 5 survivors,  Dean Muschen,   Zayday Williams & the Chanels  Oh wait it’s 6 The head Chanel’s Boyfriend. Then we have the addition of John Stamos (seriously?? Not sure why I am so surprised at him being on this) and Taylor Lautner. 

This time around ‘Dean’ has created the C.U.R.E.  hospital and enlists the Chanels and Zayday. This year the killer is a big green demon (which thumbs up to the costume department is actually scary.. any chance at finding one for Halloween?)

Burning Questions for Season 2


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