The Insidious house by the Cemetery October Built

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The House by the Cemetery

1981  NR  1:27  DVD

From Italian Fright master Lucio Fulci a deranged  killer stiller resides in the home an unsuspecting family moves into. The killer needs fresh body parts to stay alive and the not quite a  gorefest trail of beheading and slashed throats rejuvenated the Freudenstein fiend’s monstrous body. So there’s sort of a play on Frankenstein, and to me sounds sort of like the Amityville horror at least by the Netflix description.

It opens with a creepy silence. Has some artsy but creepy close ups on the eyes. I didn’t really find it all that scary, and there weren’t enough of deaths to call it a gorefest (I think there were only 3-5 deaths). The only goo thing is you don’t see the Killer until the end. This would be a good movie I think for those who want to give horror a chance think a training movie before watching the real slasher films (and that of which goes on in American Horror Story!)     C-
The House by the Cemetery 

The Houses October Built

2014  BR 1:32

Something of 2500 haunted attractions open for halloween season each year. can help you find those in your area. Injuries, crimes and accidents have happened because of the  need to make the most extremely scariest, goriest, and frightening experience possible to keep up with the competition. Some even go looking for ‘Extreme haunts’ those that are on the path less taken which are likely not legit businesses.

Its gonna be a ‘found footage’ format shot by 5 friends in 2013 who go on an Extreme haunts  road trip. We get a 5 days on the road lead up while they stop at various attractions.  Between the 15 & 16 minute mark is a great shot even the girl looks at herself and goes WTF.

Some of the attractions they stop at, mostly if not all in Texas is phobia, That Haunt House, Terror Play among others.

WTF is a Wizard of Oz witch doing at one of these haunts? So not scary and yet they interview the person and its a freaking guy!! So the group of friends are looking for a real fright and one of them hears about something called the blue Skeleton, or something like that as the location changes each year. Is this the fright they are looking for or have they just bit off more than they can chew?  I was enjoying it oddly enough until the cheap scares, stalking & harassing the residents of the RV pretty much the last half hour. I give it a PG-13 or maybe an R rating as there’s nudity and language

It was enjoyable for most of it to me regardless of the stupid cliched format used, and some of the costumes were actually scary enough for my approval, like what I will call “tank clown” which made me sound like I hiccupped      C
The Houses October Built

Insidious Chapter 2

2013  PG-13  1:41  Blu-ray

Still haunted by the evil spirits that nearly stole their son Dalton’s body in the first film. Renai struggles with dealing with the haunting that is still going on as well as with Dalton’s ability and Josh confronting his childhood.

Oops I already saw this, which means there’s no lasting impressions like the original with that red faced demon which would give me the willies when I’d notice it (and that’s hard to do with me)  If you do watch any of them, be sure to watch at night with the lights off, much scarier that way. At least the first one for sure but even this one has a creepy feeling as well let’s hope Chapter 3 will be better than chapter 2. Yes there is a 3rd one available now (on Netflix at least)

I noticed something that I don’t think i did the first time I watched it, and likely because I am watching it around halloween. Josh walking around with the lantern, reminds me of the legend of the Jack O’Lantern came about. There’s also a lady in white  and what seems to be a weird time travel bit but it’s not (as when I first saw it I thought it was) It’s more along the lines of that the time on the living side is different to the spirit world side of the veil. C-
Insidious: Chapter 2   &   Insidious: Chapter 3 


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