Ronda ROusey Trains as Picachu

Resident Evil Scares up animated (CG) reboot) 

Chris Rock To Host 88th Academy Awards

LATEST – Indiana Jones 5
Steven Spielberg has been teasing working with his old mate Harrison Ford again on another installment of the legendary adventure saga. [Read more…]

Need a Halloween Costume? Take This Quiz To Find The Perfect Fit

Hulk Smash Ragnarock 

35 Stars who died too young

NEWS – Die Hard 6
Director Len Wiseman looks set to be returning to the franchise, with the sixth installment expected to be part prequel (young McClane) and part sequel (old Willis). [Read more…]

bradley-cooper-will-team-up-with-his-female-co-stars-to- campaign

Chris Hemsworth’s First Instagram Post Is Funny Yet Terrifying


FEATURE – 12 best Halloween movies to make you laugh, cry and hide behind the sofa
Halloween is a nightmare event for some, a delight for others. We’ve got films to suit every taste. [Read more…]

ryan-murphys-professional-highs-personal lows

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