2013  NR 1:25  DVD   from IFC midnight  IMDB page


a stressed out overwhelmed Young woman on the outs with her girlfriend has a one night stand and soon becomes err realizes she may have an STD but is gravely worse.

his is a bit of a gorefest.. that a part or two even turned my stomach. This is no flu people..could she be rotting from the inside out? Because from the looks of her she certainly looks like a walking corpse, that’s a bit ‘weathered’ to me!

I’ll just say some of her symptoms may seem like that of consumption, or decomposition. The ‘Rise of the dead, starts off slow but gets better as she physically shows symptoms. I thought the story could have been better, what there is of a plot (aside of her ‘sickness’ is not much. The story is not interesting, nor are the characters or relationships. I did recognize one of the characters I mean actors as either SLy from Scorpion or .. (forget name) on CSI:Cyber.  None of the characters are really likeable, maybe just one or 2 that are in the the movie no more than maybe 5 minutes.


Once that lame party ends and we get through (I think it was) Day one after being infected Everything (gore & ‘horror’ wise) gets better or at least worth finish watching.


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