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Adapted from the movie (adapted from the 2001 novel the Dark Fields by Alan Glynn)  in which Bradley Cooper starred and will have guest appearances on this. If I remember right I think he is also an executive producer, and he met the actor Jake McDorman who stars as Brian Finch on the set of Sniper and recommended him for the part! .

By the end of the Film in which the show is adapted the ‘Smart drug’ that increases brain power transformed Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) a previously struggling author, into a wealthy would be politician. The series picks up soon after the end of the movie and in the TV series continuation,

Slacker Brian Finch a struggling musician  is just going through the years on a dream, when friends & family start having families and drop out of the band.  He runs into former bandmate Eli while he’s on a temp job. Eli gives him an NZT pill  (full name NZT-48, a designer drug). Once the pill kicks in Brian is high, but not the usual sort. He’s wired, all his neurons are firing on all cylinders, every memory & piece of information and morsel of knowledge he’s ever learned can be tapped into. The job that was supposed to take 2 weeks to do, is finished in 2 hours; So he goes through all the files in the 2 weeks organizing them into the safest to the most hazardous employees. He also solves what ails his father.

There is nothing this guy can’t do! (or is there?) calculating exactly when & where he needs to run to beat traffic and not get run over, as well as stopping in front of a train millimeters away if not nose to nose with it.

He attracts the attention of NY FBI agent Rebecca harris (Jennifer Carpenter) and the FBI figures  guy with a high IQ could be a good crime solving partner

Bradley Cooper, now Senator who is up for re-election has a way of combating the side effects of the pill. Get a shot of this and you can take the pill as you need, no aging, and no changing in your normal brain function.  Of course you have to have the original star of the movie in the show at least in the pilot and maybe on occasion.

There’s Drama, action and logic with a hint or so of dry (or dark?)  humor to break things up. As far as the pilot goes for this adaptation, I’d say it’s a hit.

When it comes to the ‘battle of the Movie adaptations’  so far with the pilot I think Limitless is better off than Minority Report, then we have Ash vs. Evil Dead starting on Halloween on Starz and Scream already had its season and to me it turned out better than I thought it would  (especially for being on MTV).

Zi Approved  TV seriesI’m quite enjoying this series, even though it’s an investigation of the week format, there is the overall plot of Bradley Cooper’s character (who makes guest appearances) the Senator, and his creepy band of undercover (til they let ya know it) group. Just as I enjoyed the movie, the show is just as likeable!

Definate HIT!



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