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Stars Jamie Alexander  best known as Lady Sif in the Marvel cinematic and TV universe as the titular Jane Doe.

In the middle of a busy times Square a cop finds a non-descript ‘white’ Duffle bag. We next see a very creepy, eerie scene of a vacant, evacuated Time Square and what looks like an astronaut coming from a bright light. The bomb Squad’s diffuser is  here.  I swear he peed himself when he sees the zipper move and out comes a very tattooed and naked Jane Doe who has absolutely no memories  of her past.
While back at the FBI lab they find  Zeta interactive protein in her system which traces can remove memories, only she is filled with it. All the tattoos are new and no more than a few weeks old, but done all at once. The tattoos are like a scavenger hunt, each one a riddle  the FBI needs to solve to learn her identity as well as the possible crimes they will lead to. Most of them are in black, some are a limited in red and blue.  Sullivan Stapleton as FBI agent Kurt Weller who’s is I think the largest of the tattoos, and on her back. He does not know her, but soon figures out that  the tattoos make her a living crime map yet to be committed.  She remembers absolutely nothing, but learns on the first case after finding a chinese tattoo behind one of her ears, and learns that she knows Chinese, and can Kick Ass! (those martial arts are none of that dojo stuff) oh yeah and she finds out she likes coffee after someone brings her both to find out her preference. So basically she’s a  highly trained weapon bad-ass and didn’t know it.

This is one of those TV shows, that’s a movie for the small screen. Sleek, Exciting, High concept, action … check all

There’s something said about the “Mother of Exiles” means 2 things really Something having to do with the guy in the video’s that says the ‘Reckoning has begun’ which will post in 4 hours  has something to do with his mother, and where they might find him next!   (statue of Liberty)

So the beard is a good sneak but not good enough as he gets sniped in the safe house! Says to Jane ‘WE are invisible’

I Finally remembered to look up who plays the blonde Forensics person ‘Patterson‘  WOW I don’t remember seeing her since the 90’s when she was a little kid on Growing Pains,even though she has been in a few other things I’ve watched but may have likely been blink & miss her roles Ahem like Avengers.

This week I don’t think you could call it the ‘mystery ink of the week’ mystery; although Patterson does find that ‘Z’ number is a redacted case file.  We do have the usual, Jane doesn’t listen, Jane takes off after bad guy, Everyone else finally catches up, Jane lets them go & the Official agents lose the guy part.

What we know about ‘Jane Doe’

She likes Coffee,

She knows Chinese

Martial arts

Navy Seal

likely was in Black Ops as she’s not in FBI database,

has a scar on the back of her neck, that matches  Fuller’s Childhood friend  Taylor Shaw, who was taken as a child &  missing for 25 years?

One of the criminals a former seal says he knows her from ‘Orion’ (mission? City, Club what?)

the DNA test matches her’s as Taylor Shaw however

in episode 4 some tooth test shows she was born in South africa

Mother is Emma Shaw, Grew up with Weller & his sis and was a tomBoy as a child

doesn’t seem to like flying but knows how to fly a chopper


in episode 4 titled bone may rot Someone at least sees things my way

“Diseases are not supposed to have a cure as the planet wasn’t meant to have 8 billion people and develops its own White blood cells (the disease) to eradicate it’s own illness or disease (us)”

or simply put  what is disease to us, is the earth’s immune system and we are it’s Colds, illness and disease

have you realised for this and all the other previous episodes how other than Weller everyone else is leary of her even though she has saved Weller’s ass I think in every episode,not to mention is always the one to come across the  bad guys first and usually kicks their ass..

So far I say its a surefire hit!    Zi Approved TV seriesBinge worthyMotvision seal of approval



some sort of Daylight project being mentioned over & over

(highlight this section to see what the Tattoo means

Chinese writing behind ear    –  that is ‘today’s’ date and an Address of 399 down in ChinaTown 




Under one of the tattoos, another tattoo  –   Eagle Holding a trident and ? That says “For god & Country” under it  a Navy Seal tattoo

Z818992 Z – a redacted case file for a Bethany Mayfair mentioned again in the 2nd (or are we on the 3rd episode now) 




Blindspot UVForehead has UV ink with some number codes that correspond to vials of many deadly viruses like Typhoid, Ebola, sars to name a few and the vials with those numbers are missing. 








Hand with a red mark in the center

Owl with red eyes

a ‘turtle’ more like coral patterns are shaped like Michigan (or some town in it) called Draclin

Oil derricks on her back

 right thigh  The letters & Numbers on this unlock a person   tattoo clue in pilot encrypted msg. that can be decoded by anyone It’s a Cypher





DCCVIII   over an arch of some sort


Red Eyed Owl is some logo for the app Trakerz

The Long Black ‘patch’ on one of her shoulders is not just black but an off black as well.   ‘stenography'(could have heard it wrong) a popular way to hide ‘code and secret messeges’  and has some sort of weird ‘mask’ that looks like a turtle (tortoise) shell or light bursts

episode 4  Back of left knee… This is an address (so one leaf is an Oak but they say Oak & Maple and that is NO maple leaf. on the left side. within is the CDC logo which is on the corner of oak & Maple

(Tell me what you think of the leaves of the tattoo… here is proof the one on left is no maple Leaf. But the one on the right is an Oak  leaf (or maybe a screwed up maple) the one on left I would say looks like the bottom right one

some other number tattoo (couldn’t catch) 13518 (something like that) is the address in Queens leads to the Municipal Workmans’ association


honeycomb ‘wire’ on the right hand



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