The Bastard Executioner

FX  Tuesday 10 (with a re-air later on)

from Kurt Sutter creator of Sons of Anarchy

We get a history lesson in the first episode of what’s going on; but there’s no voice over so if you still don’t have an HD tv, you might not be able to read it. We ‘meet’ our hero Wilkin, played by Lee Jones,  who I take will be the one turned the Executioner. He’s dreaming, of what I guess is a PTSD, and not only that but Hallucinates in the dream as well, something of which is a pretty cool piece of CGI. The D-bag Baron Ventris in the show is played by the same guy who played Last Ship’s season 2 villain D-bag. Stephen Moyer plays his sidekick (not sure what the post is called or don’t recall it mentioned) Milus Corbett  .

I hope it’s only that it’s a 2 hour premier but I’d have to say it’s best watch each week rather than a Binge, as so far you’d spend that time better re-binging on something you already have or something that is much better (like Vikings).

this is a dark period piece  with heavy mystical elements and will have a heap of killing.  Lee Jones yet another hunky Aussie plays our anti-hero hero Wilkin Brattle who is a former knight turned  farmer turned vengeance seeking executioner in the 14th century. Katey Sagal last seen as a dead Gemma Teller Morrow on SOA  plays the mystic healer who helps Wilkin go undercover as an executioner in an English shire. Ed Sheeran has a recurring role as a church elder’s deadly protege. Stephen Moyer is the corrupt Chamberlain Milus Corbett. (Moyer & wife Anna Paquin were rabid fans of Sons of Anarchy that Sutter once offered them cameos on the show. Sutter on the other hand plays a mysterious role, that of the hooded ‘assistant’ to the mystic.

The Cast

Pilot Recap   * on IMDB

from the tv Guide Fall preview Matt’s Take is “and you thought Game of Thrones was brutal (you were expecting puppies & lilacs with this title?) With Ruthless feudal barons replacing unscrupulous ranchers, this bloody  swing at medieval revenge melodrama has the feel of a grim classic western. Just a different sort of scalping here.

I’ll watch a few regular episodes to see how it fares and update this accordingly  So far a C-

Trying to figure out the Translation to this Something about Salvation, Ominus & an Egg (or so as Google Translates it to)

I can’t remember if I watched the 2nd episode maybe just part of it and the 3rd, well the series hasn’t held my attention. (Plus I have more than enough shows to keep me entertained and this one just doesn’t. If I were to ‘watch’ it would likely be as background fodder)

With The Last Kingdom having premiered on Saturday (October 10th 2015) on BBC America I would suggest watching that. Much more exciting and frankly the only reason to watch this would be the witchy Katey Sagal but her character is not interesting enough.

There’s some bloodshed, there’s some action but nothing of which I would call entertaining. This is certainly not some medieval Sons of Anarchy on horses, nor is it anywhere as great a cast as that of Vikings.

I can’t even look at Stephen Moyer in this without thinking… I really would rather be watching a new season of True Blood than this. Even whichever is considered True Blood’s worst season, is better than this. Yet as far as I’ve found out, it has done well in the ratings. (I think as much as Vikings or was it Game of Thrones received in their previous season!)

freaking confusing, and as TV guide’s Cheers & Jeers puts it….

JEERS to The Bastard Executioner for being bloody confusing. Forget that Kurt Sutter’s Revenge Fest ‘is gorier than a saw marathon, the real deathblow  is that everyone’s accent is impossible to understand.





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