Divergent: Insurgent

2015  PG-13  1:59  Blu-ray

The 2nd installment of the book to film  adaptation  based on Veronica Roth’s sci-fi novels.

on the verge of war Beatrice  ‘tris’  Prior looks for the rest of her fellow Divergents, and other allies. She and the leader of their clan must move fast as the Erudite leader is in hot pursuit, in need of one of them to open some box with a message from the leaders that was found in Bea’s home.

The first movie was better, and watching this edition makes me thankful I didn’t read the books. If  this reads the way the movie plays… it’s a slow chore of a read.  1 hour of the movie felt like 2! Yes a lot is in that one hour, but there’s not much action, as I thought there would be (like the first) . I don’t remember what the reviews were when this came out, but I’m guessing they were not good.



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