News, and Loads of Previews

WHY am I not surprised?  (Definitely NOT surprised there’s now a Risk game, considering the credits montage LOOKS like (or at least reminds one of) a Risk boardGrab Your Allies and Plan a Game Of Thrones™ Game Night.


2014  Stars Ryan Phillippe & Rachelle Lefevre (the red head from Under the Dome) & John Cusack.

After some Disaster (an Earthquake I think) in Haiti  a couple visit Puerto Rico  to adopt a 7 year old refugee of the disaster . They have become entangled in a con (and the reason you should never trust looking on the internet for adopting, buying a home and other things) .

That was the most ‘scenic’ car chase I think I’ve ever seen. Also If there ever were a scenic spot  to take a pinge , that literal cliffhanger  is it


Official point break 2015 movie

Gwendoline Christie Compares Captain Phasma and Brienne of Tarth

Comic Book TV Show Fall 2015 Power Rankings: Pre-Season

Could Barbara Kean Become The Joker on Gotham?





Xander Berkeley Joins “The Walking Dead” Season 6

Carl Grimes TWD portrait


jamie-lee-curtis-on-recreating- psycho scene



Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Cast Photo Released To Celebrate […]

Now You Can Star in Custom Marvel And Star Wars


 Top best-tv-shows-ever from Hollywood Reporter


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