Hot Pursuit

2015  PG-13  1:27  ImDB

Straight laced Texas police Officer Cooper, played by Reese Witherspoon is assigned to protect Daniella Riva (Sofia Vergara) the wife of a drug kingpin who works for Cortez.  Crooked cops and hitmen  start closing in, so Coop and her charge need to flee after being framed for what went down at the Riva compound.

Rob Kazinsky’s Randy shows up when they have to ‘commandeer’ a pickup truck to get to Dallas. kazinsky does a pretty good job with the southwestern accent (or as far as the few I’ve heard have been)

Reese totally steals the show with her Neurotic chihuahua barking at things only it can see performance. Intense definitely a way of defining it. Vergara dissing  Cooper gets pretty funny at times and their argument in spanish on the bus for me is classic.

As for the hotel scenes: I think I may have even blushed a bit when she walked in on Randy about to take or just finishing a shower or it could have just been those dimples and smile. (I swear he’s a loveable dorky bear!)

This was a fun watch, and sadly no special features on the rental disk  which for me was quite disappointing. There however was a blooper reel during the credits which was a bit fun. I thought this was going to be as disappointing as past chick flick buddy movies, but I really enjoyed this and laughed alot.


B for the movie                       F for not one bit of special features


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