Jupiter Ascending

2015 PG-13  2 hours   Mila Kunis Channing Tatum  Sean Bean


A Young Jupiter struggles to make ends meet and hates her life. She does a cleaning service with her mother (and I think grandmother or an aunt). She has a conniving cousin and none of her family seems to understand her. An other planetary being that’s a bounty Hunter tracks her down and she learns she is destined to change the fate of the Universe.

Well there’s apparently beings that own planets and there’s a blue haired ‘wonder woman’ with one cool ass ride.

There’s winged ‘Godzillas’ (only way I can describe them) and some bee cottage (WTF that looks nasty)

This may have you asking yourself… Hoverboard or those Boots Tatum’s character wears.

Some of the aircraft in it reminded me of that from John Carter and even the Mountain Banshees of Avatar


There’s plenty of action but then it loses momentum when they get to their version of the DMV , well I think it was supposed to be like Social Security offices getting her id etc. Whatever may not have been CG was cool, and even the CGI stuff was cool.

I LOVED the costumes of the other planets, and the gown she wears for the ‘wedding’ now I could see that being at a real wedding.  I think I will have to add this costume designer to my avatar awards.    C+



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