Avatar Blog Nominees

If you don’t like my picks   You can also  add your own nominees in 2 ways

Via  the poll  (just please be sure to include full URL(like below)   Or if I do not have a poll yet …

By the comment bar at the end ..Please  Include the blog’s  URL, as well as the type of Blog that it is in the comments below. Thank You.


Before I go on I would like to ask of you my dear readers

The Avatar Awards would like present a donation to Best Friends Animal Society. I’d like to raise at least $100, to donate  to the charity as this will be the first full year I am on WordPress and will let them know it is on behalf of my readers. Please just note AAs Best Friends donation.   (The link is to my annex blog as for some reason the paypal widget code will not work on here)

I’d also like to have a contest for the Avatar Awards, (it will be the first for this blog as a 1 year celebration)   to show my readers my appreciation of them. Sadly I do not have the money to just purchase a prize of some sort or a sponsor to donate something as one. I would need at least $25 to purchase something for the prize.  If you would donate even just $1 dollar each, (note for : AAs  Swag)  if we reach $25 then one person will win an entertainment themed ‘Swag’ bag (or a gift card to get what they want).

If we reach more than $25 by December 31st  Then I will have at least one runner up winner.  I will make a way to enter the contest either before the Avatars air,  or you will be able to in the post/page when I publish them.

Pass the word along to your friends to subscribe

Now to Officially announce the


(who have all been notified. I have added a few last minute nominees as I came across their blogs so please just add them (to the poll if they are not already there) or if there is no poll please just send me which category & the Name/link of the blog

Learn about the Avatar Awards and get your Nominee Trophy or Ticket badges here




Blog Name




Layout http://Sorrytelevision.wordpress.com
Writing-  https://jenacidebybibliophile.wordpress.com 



Brand http://2helpfulguys.com
Logo http://Swetcoconutlime.com
Humor http://Notesfromtheboss.wordpress.com
Best Post   

You can add one of your own if you’d like



Page About me- http://Swetcoconutlime.com

http://Zombiefightsshark.com  *  http://lindseymckeonblog.com   *(Still need to notify)
Reading http://Sorrytelevision.wordpress.com


Travel  http://Albomadventures.com


http://Jumpyjess.wordpress.com   *http://dmwcarol.com  * http://ducttapedoodles.wordpress.com    * http://Swetcoconutlime.com

http://Marvelmoviemaniac.wordpress.com    http://ihorror.com
Collective http://Blogguidebook.com

http://Coeurdecouture.wordress.com    * http://stylecaster.com/beautyhigh  *

http://beauty-as-i-knowit.com  * http://bloggingbrb.wordpress.com



http://puttingmetogether.com  *  http://costumesandfashionbybethany.wordpress.com

 Reviews   https://jenacidebybibliophile.wordpress.com





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