Green Street Hooligans

gsh2005  R  1:48  Charlie Hunnam Elija Wood Claire Forlani  Marc Warren    (more cast

After a footie match the rowdy ‘firms’ of each team get to trash talking while waiting for their trains across the tracks from each other. Of course it ends up in a brawl. Matt Buckner (Wood) with a major in journalism is kicked out of Harvard a few months early of getting his degree. His rich coke head roommate got Matt dragged into the scandal (guilt by association basically)   Matt goes to stay with his sister and her family in London.After Matt arrives,  Pete the husband’s  brother stops in on his way to a match. His brother asks him to take Matt to the match and Behave (as he already made plans with the wife) and giving Matt $100 and says not to give it to Pete. Pete is the ‘major’ of the GSE (Green Street Elite) firm (gang).

Elija Wood’s Matt who went to school for journalism learns the ways of the ‘Firm’. Soon becoming a respected member of the group. How long will that last if someone finds out, even though he is not one yet officially.  However to throw some drama in, his dad shows up to take him to lunch and one of the guys see him.


Hearing Charlie Hunnam with an English accent sounded so strange, more so than Elija Wood standing next to all those taller guys (you would have thought we were watching Lord of the Ring without the costumes) not to mention trying to look all rough and tumble. There’s a few funny parts, One in which Pete is trying to get  Matt to give him the money, another is one of the times at the Pub and the best is the justifying end.  Just remember our senses of humor may differ though, but damn does Hunnam have a quick hand, but then considering where something was aimed…

Ross McCall plays Dave in the group… I knew I saw him in something else, but couldn’t think if it was White Collar or some other show that came to mind, but  gut kept telling me it was White Collar and I was right as Keller.


I think a fan of any sport could enjoy this. I think it’s a great movie to watch before a big match-up if you are having a super bowl like party or just a movie night!     B

Interested? (I accidentally came across this while looking for the trailer!)  You can Watch here!  FREE


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