Significant Mother

CW  Mondays  9:30 pm EST       More episodes I think start again September 14

So I watched it for one of 2 reasons  1. because  actor Nathaniel Buzolic who played ‘Cole’ in Vampire Diaries & the Originals was in it (he was also in the movie Needle) That plus there was nothing else on until the Whispers came on, and it looked like a awkwardly funny premise.  So I thought I’d give it a try.   Here is the trailer…Zi Approved TV series

I thought it was going to be some stupid show just to take up space for the summer (like half of them seem to be). Well in a way I guess it is a stupid show, but it’s pretty funny. Before I watched it, it looked like it could be a comedy or a drama; I wasn’t sure which but it is full on watch worthy.

The mother in question Lydia Marlowe  who is separated from her husband is played by Krista Allen. Mrs. Marlowe  is sleeping with Jimmy (played by Nathaniel) her son Nate’s best friend and roommate.  When Nate arrives home after a trip,  after they’ve had a romp, he finds some lace panties not knowing their his mom’s.   Needless to say he finds out and  the comedy ensues. However old ‘Nate’ is, he never grew up regardless of having his own restaurant.

I really laughed when they have a drinking game contest for the mother (it’s more the kind of game they used for the contest I laughed at). Guys playing this, is just too funny to me. To me it’s a girl game  (that I’m not sure is even played anymore) that’s the only hints I will give

There’s is one episode that is a tribute to the 1989 Weekend at Bernie’s. This episode of course has the dramedy of a big time food critic coming to the restaurant, while Nate has accidentally gotten stoned on his mother & Jimmy’s Pot laced Gummy Bears. It becomes chaos as the family tries to help Nate out, one of which is his father Harrison (Bernie’s Josh Silverman) to prop him up and keep the critic from noticing. Terry Kiser who played the Famous Bernie of the movie has a cameo in the episode. Come on how to you do have a Weekend at Bernie’s like episode and not have the actor that played him come aboard?

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Sneak Peaks of other Episodes

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