Curse of Chucky and Zombeavers

Curse of Chucky

2013 R 1:35 a mysterious package arrives as the residence of Nica and her mother’s house. This was supposed to have been made by the original creators. Chucky looks a bit different some how, I think they used a few different dolls (and CG) as at times his head looks bigger, and walking down the stairs looks like a person in costume. he also looks like he’s got bags under his eyes. I do love the house in this, just not sure what style gothic?) for me it’s the only creep factor of the movie.

Nica’s sister Barbara think’s Nica needs assisted living and all that, apparently her sis is clairvoyant. I think the mystery of why chucky showed up at the door is more interesting but very predictable, especially during family time. Full of cliche’s from the previous movies C



2015    R      1:17

When I first heard about this movie I thought it was a joke or something someone made for youtube.  Something like how the Grindhouse movies had the fake trailers between the 2 movies when it was in the theaters (even though Machete became a reality).  Well I was certainly wrong , but as for the joke part ‘m guessing this is going to be a major ‘Camp Schlock’ fest

It starts with your typical cell phone ass-head driving and looking at the phone screen and bang…

3 College girls go on a getaway to the country, it was originally supposed to be with their boyfriends but of course one of them screwed up so its a girls weekend now. Of course we have the cliches of the goody good looking girl, the mean gothy looking one, and the glasses wearing one. Pretty much same for the guys and no one seems to be with who you would think.


Woah That is one serious game of Wack a mole!   LOL “Really” well we have something unexpected and what followed was even less so. A definite watch  if you want a laugh, with a horror flair even if you don’t like this sort of movie. I enjoyed it besides it’s actually a bit less than the time mentioned if you subtract the time for the credits~   B


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