ONe for the Money

One for the moneyOne for the Money (2012) Poster

2012  PG-13 1:31 stars Katherine Heigel  as Stephanie Plum  Jason O’Mara as Joe Morelli,  Daniel Sunjata as ‘Ranger’  Sherri Shepherd as Lula and Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur.  

Based on the best selling author Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series sadly whoever did the casting should have been fired. I think no matter what when it comes to books to movies, the author should always have say in casting (not sure if Janet did but I’ll see if she’ll answer a couple questions I have about it)  I think this would be better as a Tv series after all I believe it was Ranger who told Stephanie her life should be a sitcom! I full on agreed when I read that! Now I don’t know if this actually came out in the movies or not (if not I’m guessing it was a hallmark movie or Lifetime which means bad acting even from the best actors) Though I can see the mistakes as to why it did not do well on any front.

For one … The casting! heigel is one thing at least she comes close to a jersey (with maybe a bit of italian accent) mixed in.

Sadly however Jason O’Mara is awful as Morelli, and definitely not the hot piece of italian ass perfection joe is supposed to be. His jersey/italian accent is awful and just so not convincing. Then there’s the not much Range,  Ranger. The guy they cast is just not the stature ranger is supposed to be. The guy is supposed to be built and this scrawny actor is  I could probably take down.

A better Choice would be WWE’s Roman Reigns at least he has the built and being a former part of ‘The Shield’ (I mean as in him, Ambrose & Rollins) he has his own Tact gear. Alex O’Laughlin would be a good choice too.

Oh the grandma from Halloweentown plays Grandma Mazur, and character of hilarity! In the books if its not a confrontation between Joe & Stephanie or Steph & Ranger.. Grams cracks me up. Sadly whoever wrote up the script or maybe it was the directing not sure but the funny parts that were in the movie that I laughed at in the book just not funny well, maybe one or 2 parts. Iwill give ‘Morelli’ one thumbs up… The end in the truck is all I’ll say! That he sells!

LMAO Tig & Berries! and Lula’s Jurassic ass’ (I so don’t remember those from the book!)  I think Steve Buschemi would have been a better choice (if could be) for Eddie the cop (who is married to Steph’s cousin) and The guy that played the Author in Once Upon a time… ah there’s his name  Patrick Fischler. I have no beef on him playing Steph’s cousin Vincent Plum. Seems a perfect fit for it.


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