Face-off 100th Episode

I’ve been a big fan of the show Face-off since it’s first season. Actually my favorites were Connor and Tate and I couldn’t decide who I wanted to win more!  Gladly Connor won and I was able to see more of Tate’s work in another season as well. If you like to make your own costumes or be resourceful with make-up etc at least some save on make-up and costume, this is a great idea to watch.  Over the seasons I have learned a few things myself! (That you can find at the end)

So fresh off Getting a Critics Choice Awards beating American idol and Dancing with the stars and other network behemoths for Best Reality Competition

Tuesday August 11th was the airing of episode 3 of Season  9 of Face-off. Why is this so significant?

It was the 100th episode.  For this challenge contestants were not just to do a whimsical macabre make-up but it had to have a beauty to it.  On top of that the contestants instead of using their usual models, had to use real life couples who would be married in the make-up and Mackenzie Westmore who is an ordained minister (via internet) would officiate over the ceremony.  The contestants would use the couple’s personality as the inspiration for their make-ups, one in which was a couple who loved cats. So what were the ‘killer’ back stories?  One pair died by Electrocution, another froze while christmas Caroling, another committed suicide as a tandem by leaping off a bridge. as I mentioned the Cat couple, they were a form of Beauty and the Beast.

Reading the TV McKenzie said according to the certificate, she can marry, baptize, and absolve sins. THe moment after the show when I got to sign each couple’s marriage license was so cool” and will be getting hitched to former Face-off judge Patrick Tatopoulos


There was a couple who had a crescent moon (pic 5)  shaped head for the bride, which was really nice, that concept I liked, but

I thought the gamers (picture 7) were an interesting theme, Nora & Meg’s  painting come to life idea I thought was cool, and the ‘painting’ himself was too simple not whimsy or macabre enough and way to simple. Though I love that he bleeds different colored paint. Sadly though they sculpted brush strokes into the prosthetics  they didn’t do enough of them and you can’t really see it in picture 9.

My favorite concept however (for the episode) was For the cat couple. They got a  beauty and the beast theme The beast having yarn horns which was really cool, but I feel for the girl who painstakingly wrapped the yarn on them, and not only the horns she first  made a whole wig out of yarn!!!! (major respect for the talent and even more so for the patience!) That is photo 8 of 9 in  The Gallery.

See more here for the ‘Surprise of the Century’ episode   Face-off comes on Syfy  Tuesdays @ 9pm est. (But does re-air another time later on)

You can check out the Faceoff site on Syfy.com under cast & info you can choose the season. In past years the Face-off website has had How tos from past contestants, sadly I can not find this on the site.


I have many other favorite concepts but these are the 2 I found the fastest.


Here’s my costume from 2013 one the left. I was a soldier that was a little ‘beat up’ the right side of my face was supposed to be a burn, the side of my mouth was supposed to have been torn off and you can see some ‘bone’ in my hand.  So what kind of soldier? well that’s up to you! it could be one that was helping in the zombie apocalypse, or some super soldier that won’t die (I took out the whole mid-east on my own… sort) another is

my MASTERPIECE thanks to Face-off…. was an idea I took from when I was a child and mom dad & I would go to Riding Hi ranch. They would have a costume party for the kids (now if only they did for adults!) Mom dressed me up as a mummy with a roll of toilet paper!  (we didn’t know they were going to do this the first time) Thanks to Face-off i put my own spin on it. Instead of killing myself with ace bandages. I was resourceful with what i used on my face instead!   Gauze pads, and just like when things sometimes do not work out on the show, well my gum adhesive dried up so I worked up a new idea and totally harmless! Clear elmer’s glue mixed with a bit of water. The cloth on my head is a piece of cheesecloth I dusted using an old bronzer. I made the head piece  it’s a scrab pendant and I just added it to a chain I bought to make bracelets etc. as for the rest I had a piece of white fabric I thought could be used (again instead of getting to ‘wrapped’ up in my work. I didn’t want to have to need help putting it on.) and for my lower area I used white thermal underwear, and I did put a couple of bandages on my lower legs .  It was a hit with the treaters and their parents! However I wasn’t just a mummy, I was a priestess!



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