Into the Woods

2014 PG  2 hour Musical from Disney Studios

stars Emily Blunt, James Cordon, Meryl Streep as the witch, Chris Pine as Prince Charming , Anna Kendrick  and Johnny Depp & the ‘big’ bad wolf.

Instead of our usual fairytales, we have a mash-up story woven together into an annoying Musical.  OH Gods are they only going to sing.  My favorite Musical is Grease I love it,  but at least it’s not a constant headache through the whole movie; it has parts that are spoken and others  (pivotal parts?) where maybe you’d expect there to be a musical number.  Into the woods however I don’t recall one spoken part! and even if there were it still sounds like it’s a sing songy voice. It’s a never ending headache watching this movie!

Oh my gods!! Johnny Depp as the Big Bad wolf is more creepy than bad. I did love the sound of the song he did. His voice reminds me of  Tim Curry in the Worst Witch . WHOA! Little Red has got a set of lungs on her! Scream Queen worthy.

Wait is that Tracey Ullman as Jack’s mom?!  Wow I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything for years! Maybe even a decade or 2!

Why is that not the singing voice I expected out of Chris Pine?  I don’t know what sort  did expect, but that one is certainly not it. There’s a few sort of funny parts, I do love the falls during Pine’s 1st number. 1 hour and 10 minutes in, I have a headache and I’m still not impressed.  Anyone want to try that ‘fertility spell’ ? Oh Happily never after, now things should get interesting. Meryl!!!  loved the hair and dress (toward the end). We have a bit of the blame game  and I thought I was going to yell at the tv for them to grow up (this I learned from dad as a child while watching wrestling. THe odd thing though is they can seem to hear me through the tv! When it didn’t work for dad! Now Who’s the witch Meryl?!)  I so wish Johnny Depp & Meryl Streep had a number together. Meryl’s ‘Midnight’ was quite a performance!  (and gets her a nom for my Avatar Awards!)

Movie= D,

Meryl’s performance B+

 Into the woods on


5 responses to “Into the Woods

  1. Really funny review! I never thought this film would be to my taste, I find musicals have to be really good or they end up being a bit of a trial to sit through.

    I just youtubed some Chris Pine singing and Im actually pretty impressed!

    How was Kendrick in the movie? Im not surprised at Meryl either, she always delivers.

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    • For me, it WAS a trial to sit through! I didn’t think it would be my taste, but had it not been singing through the entire freaking film… It would have gotten a better grade! I’m not a fan of Kendrick… frankly If it was someone from Twilight other than bella’s Dad & ‘Emmet’ I really don’t like the actors. Kristen Stewart is a give or take with me I pref. when she was a kid, she’s getting annoying to me now lol. I have a couple of other reviews I have to write up so stay tuned. If you want more You can go hoover over the silver screen tab and a ‘drop down’ menu will fall and there should be an option for the reviews in that as well as telly Talk (depending on what you want.) Same in Book nook but it goes by year

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