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To start I believe it is important to mention that the events of the original film(s) do not exist in the Tv series universe, Goodbye Woodborough Hello Lakewood. (which doesn’t that town sound more Friday the 13th like to you or is that just me?)

They are in a whole other town, different mythology as well (or so as to one of the suspects of who ‘Ghostface’ may be (if you still want to call him or her that).  Speaking of Ghost Face…

unlike the original mask which which reminded me of the Scooby ghosts. They said it was ‘so yesterday’, so the old mask has gotten a er.. Facelift.  The Upgrade so to speak, compared to the iconic look (to me),  seems more like a demotion. It’s different but it (supposedly) still pays homage to ol’ Ghost Face which became somewhat of a parody in itself.   I’m not sure how to describe the mask at right
but to me the only ‘Ghostly’ looking thing about it, is the color.  However I did just come up with an idea of what it somewhat reminds me of.. a terrified Kabuki without the colored make-up.

Ghost face at least looked like a black version of those ghosts in Scooby-doo. There were 3 different colors as far as I remember but I think that was in an ice cream factory. The Greenish one on the left here, I’m not sure what it had to do with whatever episode it was in  but I think is a close enough likeness to the iconic mask of the Scream movies.


PILOT….So far we start with a youtube-esque site video going viral. So ‘ghostface’ is now not only using phones to taunt his vics but (s)he ‘s a Cyber bully as well. When a door opens I swear I was going to see a dead boyfriend….Sadistic grin..”heads up”. Yes there are parts at least in the pilot that pay tribute to some of the original movie scenes. Fans of the original movie series need not worry as the show has plenty of similarities that made us love the original Movie(s)

Jamie Kennedy who played the Horror movie geek in the movies is replaces in this with ‘Noah’ who explains early on…

You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series; Slasher movies burn bright and fast”

The series hasn’t lost the humor the movies did. Yes they get a little meta at times, self referential and all that. One of the best things about the show is, Wes Craven is actually an executive producer. At the end Noah says (meta)

 ‘This reinvention is not a slasher tale at all but a drama that requires you to invest in the characters while forgetting that somebody might die at every turn”  Does that mean each episode we’ll have at least one death?

in this Courtney Cox’s reporter character is reinvented into a podcast host/reporter (is that the proper title for that?)

The episodes at least for me have seemed to go pretty quick though there has been one or two where the tempo seemed slow compared to others.

2nd episode there’s a few respectively  Ode’s to the Movies remade scenes . Not to mention it made me feel like I was the one in the scene! There’s so many suspects, my head is spinning like the Exorcist. it’s someone we wouldn’t expect or one so blatantly obvious we write them off. Could Noah be the one? Could it be the 2 Jocks (can’t recall their names though I think one is William)

10 REAL Stories Behind Terrifying Horror Films

I can tell you that like me you may not figure it out ‘for sure’ until the last one or 2 episodes.    Motvision seal of approval

So who are My suspects

*Audrey   too obvious? but looks too short

Daisy’s old Stalker Brandon James …supposed to be Dead

*Mr. Branson    (my Theory… Brandon -D +S = Branson) not to mention in Ep. 6 ‘Daisy’ calls Brandon ‘Bran’Binge worthy

Brooke’s Dad ? Currently in jail  but  Brooke’s dad’s frame & stature isn’t the same as the killer’s

Emma’s dad ? I nearly wrote him off as he was in & out I’m sure he’s still lurking around

*Jake – the other jock, and was stabbed (or was to throw us off?)

*Kieran – Sheriff Hudson’s son (if he is. I can nick name him Happy Bunny (Cute but Psycho things even out) 

‘Noah – ‘ The know it all sidekick’ the 2nd coming of Randy (from the movies) and as the sidekick says it himself in episode 9!  (or is that just to throw us off)Zi Approved TV series

*Piper- The Podcast chick  The new ‘Gale weathers’ with her ‘Anatomy of a Crime’ podcast. (If she looks familiar, she was in True blood season 6)

Sheriff Hudson – If i recall the Sheriff introduced Kiran as his son now I guess he’s adopted if that s so but have we heard anything about the sheriff’s back story at all? Has he always lived in Lakewood?

Will-   The Jock   – well we know it’s no long him, or he could have been 1 half of my 2 killer theory.


theories as to why they are my suspects…

Here’s a bit from a Horror Movies Forever FB thread

As far as Logic goes as I said being he’s the cute guy… and I’m surprised he’s not dead yet… so with that It’s kiran but who is the sheriff really? He said Kiran was his son, adopted I guess, but I don’t recall that ever said. ) Oh and isn’t Kiran and Emma the same age? (Didn’t they have a class or 2 the same?) I think I might go with the Piper wagon after figuring that logic out. Daisy had the first baby when she was 16. I figure it would have to be long enough that Emma would be at least 3-5 years younger & the older child is a senior in H.S. (Kiran) , College age or already graduated (piper). Piper does wear glasses as does Emma’s mom and at the candle vigil I never saw the hit  Piper, but I think it did everyone else. 

I am also going with a possible 2 killers theory like the first movie had. as I said Brooke’s dad while possibly the right height seemed to have too wide a frame to be the killer.  Now Jake, Mr Branson, Kiran and the sheriff, even Emma’s dad all seem to fit into the right stature.  Noah said in episode 9, “I’m, a sidekick and that means he’s going to die” so is that to throw us off or what, he seems a bit of a scrawny frame compared to what we see in the black ‘cloak’, and audrey isn’t tall enough.

Now the child must be back, but is the child also the killer or are they red herrings for each other?

The Rules

(If I’ve missed any you caught, please note them in the comments)

You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series; Slasher movies burn bright and fast” 

This reinvention is not a slasher tale at all but a drama that requires you to invest in the characters while forgetting that somebody might die at every turn”

by the time the first body is found, it’s only a matter of time before the blood bath commences

Don’t wander off alone

Everyone is fair game until there’s no one left.

You have to care

Change the ending

Ep. 8  So the aftermath of  a character I shall call ‘zipperhead’ or unzipped’s Horrifying Gorey Demise is felt by Emma. Jake is recovering, and apparently ‘jigsaw’ has entered the show as well it was a booby trap that did kill that character, all though it was Emma in a way who’s fault it is. (Watch where you are going! Don’t just run watch where you are going) So Emma I’m guessing feels guilty or something as she keeps seeing  ‘ The Horror’ over & over every time she closes her eyes and because she’s not sleeping well if at all… she’s halucinating.  I see this is going to be a nomination for memorable Mutilation for the Avatar Awards!

Noah & Audrey’s Branson class is studying the Crucible (for some reason I think that’s a clue) and Branson mentions McCarthyism…

Wow for a moment I felt like I was watching Nightmare on Elm street (original) When ‘Daisy’ & Daughter are int he kitchen before she goes to school. Ooh a twist… someone is apparently back, and left work at an oil rig about 3 weeks ago, which is when the heart was set at ‘Daisy’s’ door.

Episode 9  The Dance

(there may be some spoilers but I do try to ‘hide’ them so you may have to highlight that area if you want to see)

oh my horror addled mind sees ‘tribute’ scenes to past movies in  well maybe not every episode or after re-reading  last weeks maybe it is every weeks! This one has a part that I swear sounds like a scene from the original My Bloody Valentine movie (not 2009s). From a few episodes back I shall lead in to “Branson is Manson”  being our characters are catching on: 

 Seth Branson is really Seth Palmer and now ‘Virgin & Bi-curious’  put ‘Branson’ together as Brandon’s Son… which I did how long ago?  (hello you guys are so far behind!) Could ‘Branson’ be Emma’s older half-brother? He sounded all Hannibal the Cannibal in the the interrogation room with her.  Emma & Piper visited Cassie James Brandons mother to i.d. who visited her. What’s this with cutie…hottie Kiran? Which I’m surprised he wasn’t killed off, which maybe means he’s the killer I wonder if we’ll actually find out who the new ‘Ghost face’ Which isn’t really a ghost face.. is this season.


I so went scooby gang on this mystery!

for your convenience watch Scream: The TV Series via AMAZON instant video

Quotes &  Notes

well there’s somewhat of a Jaws reference. ‘mayor wants to open the beaches, make sure shark is dead‘ -sheriff

“the lair is an extension of the killer’s psychosis. You see lairs on Tv not in Real life. They’re full of Clues and icons” -Noah

Wholly Manson family album, for a killer using social media this seems a bit analog -Noah

Oh Noah chumming with bud Audrey  says something about becoming a vigilante (had to laugh at this as Audrey is played by Bex Taylor-Klaus who played Sin on  Arrow)   and “Bi-curious and the virgin: World’s saddest fighting duo” are born. 

Life is like Charlie Brown and his football; The bitch Lucy keeps yanking it away, but you’ve just got to keep on kicking” – Piper  (Episode 5)

Branson is Manson” (from our ‘Vigilante’ duo whose #1 suspect is one of mine. Ooh another is Audrey  though I dubbed her as an obvious choice

Mr Branson’s class has a sub so Noah with his infinite wit “The SUB-plot thickens‘ (ow that would be a line Matt Lilliard’s character in the movie would have said.  jake gets stabbed and Will’s life is on the line; write off or just a set up to make us think it’s not him or the other?

Everyone Lies, and Everyone’s sorry – Emma

Murder is like Potato Chips you can’t just stop at one – Jake?

Write your blood type on your boots, and your letters to your family -Jake?

Emma:Why would he change the game?

Noah: Because he’s playing chess instead of checkers

“I’m so exponentially sorry about that video. I had no idea it would mutate and spread like a crazy zombie sex virus”-Noah


Check out the cast on Imdb   * Official Site (check out Noah’s monologue *

*5-reasons-why-the-scream-tv-series-could-work * My Scream Franchise Page *

Movie Pilot post I guess y ou can call a preview to this review

How accurate are the rules in the scream movies? *  scream-things-you-didnt-know

Here’s a not so good review from (& my response to it which yes I am using as part of my review)

I fully disagree. Though I still haven’t warmed up to many if any of the characters;   the show fits the mold of the movies minus of course the change to the mask. Apparently the person didn’t watch a few episodes first. That is why I watch  2-3 episodes, and write my review along the way.

You have to remember shows have to get their groove. The first episode or the 2nd are usually always ‘practice’ so to speak. You might want to watch more episodes as there’s a deep mystery. I have the suspect narrowed down to 3-5 people but I doubt  it will be right. There’s loads of Red Herrings etc. so it’s hard to pinpoint who it actually is, although 4 of them are definitely so far still alive, and that’s after 4-5 episodes. Could it be the kid that is in Jamie Kennedy’s former role?  Maybe it’s ‘Daisy’s stalker, the sheriff or his son? (Can you really trust a handsome face? Manson proved not)


spoiler alert

FINALE   So last week we left off with the cliff hanger of the jail cell with no one in it… now was it Branson Brooke’s dad?

Now the question is, are the following clues or Red Herrings?

Kiran loading a gun… nah..I’m 90% sure its a Red Herring . (But I’d have fun if he is the killer. I’d give him the Nickname ‘Happy Bunny’  Just read the pic!

I’m at the point it’s none of those that have been accused, I’m thinking More Piper  or Jake  as I haven’t seen them much in this, but I still have a feeling there’s at least an accomplice.

While watching part (around 10 minutes I think) a line from the first movie popped into my head   “…I’ll gut you like a fish”     not sure why but I guess i had a feeling.

Yeah Audrey! I knew there was a reason I liked her character, Oh my theory is right  but I won’t say which or if both!

The Body Count

As not to spoil it, if you want to know, Who club Morgue is  highlight starting

Here>   Riley= The Smart one

 Tyler= The Rebel

Nina=Queen Bee

Rachel= The ‘raccoon eyed weird girl’ 

Will = Jock  

Sheriff Hudson = Love interest

Mystery Kid  = the ‘nobody’ to alert others


add Yours to the list with this ‘ Interactive game’

How do I die you ask?  ‘Randy Meek’s style’





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