DC Hero Height Comparison Chart

I want to make note that  the designers of the chart in this repost contacted me   (I didn’t know nerd Nebula got it 2nd hand)  here’s a direct link to their page it is on https://www.costumecollection.com.au/blog/dc-heroes-height-comparison/#more-2009


as well as their Costume Collection 

The Nerd Nebula

So a while back I put up a post with a height comparison chart of our favourite heroes. A fellow blogger has brought the DC Hero height comparison chart to my attention:

DC Heroes Height Comparison Chart DC Heroes Height Comparison Chart

Rounding up (because we never round height down) my height most closely reaches that of Nightwing. He’s cool, I like his outfit. I could definitely go to work dressed like that every day. Looks comfy. Who is your height the closest to on the chart?

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