Friday Bind- Stake Out

Stake OUt received_831300580258787  This was a book I entered a giveaway for on Goodreads. I did not win, but the author was kind enough because she liked my blog to send me a PDF to read for a review. You can check out my policy on sponsored products samples, and endorsements  on the about page

Genre: says it right at the top… Paranormal!

Pages: 113

Plot line:Chicago is overrun with the supernatural  Vampires witches & werewolves  Oh my… and after Detective Danny Mancini  is forced into early retirement because the Chicago P.D.  doesn’t believe the perp he caught is a 200 year old vampire, he goes into a downward spiral.  2 Years later attractive Detective Angelica Crossan  shows up  with an invitation to join a secret branch of the FBI to track down Vincent, the rouge vamp.

I came across this on blurb on Amazon and HAD to include it as it just made me laugh

It is definitely a book for the fan of horror and the paranormal, rather than those looking for sparkly vampires or romance.“–Bestselling author Helen Treharne

by Lily Luchesi    (Paranormal Detectives #1)

started July 4 –

New adults or Upper YA   Mystery/Thriller/Supernatural

Chicago P.D. Detective 1st grade Daniel Mancini is on assignment  to follow a suspect in a homicide besides suspected of murdering two women the past couple of weeks. What happens during this case will change his life.

I’m only in the 2nd chapter and thinking I’m going to want to buy the actual print book (I received a PDF  complimentary from the Author to review) and re-read it. No Idea what page it was on but a pop-cult reference to the CW tv  channel and a mention of the Show supernatural gave me a laugh and that smirk Dean makes. Also like Lily’s (the author ) take on how vampires started.

A steady paced supernatural thriller with good flow and developed characters for a first book. Maybe slightly predictable, but not annoyingly so, with varying moods. overall it’s suspenseful but there are lighthearted and dark moments as well. I Hope the characters will become more complex over the rest of the series.

It’s the perfect type of book for a day at the beach, at a little over 100 pages.

I can see myself looking forward to the next in the series. I’ll have to ask the author,  Lily if there’s an estimated time frame for that. The editor missed a few mistakes. There’s just the right amount of action, just when there should be one it’s there. There’s no monotonous feeling to the reading, or narration like some other books I’ve read. After reading this, I feel like the last 2 I read were in that fashion!

As I may have previously mentioned I do enjoy the pop-culture references in here. Good job for a first novella, I am hoping to find out more about the witch.
I was surprised that the main antagonist may not get a longer story arch tho’ the witch one might be more interesting anyway.
P.s. in case I have not mentioned it …. I received this book complimentary from the author as I offered to read and review it for her. Thank You Lily! For the breath of fresh reading…

Order Stake-Out (Paranormal Detectives Series Book 1) via Amazon

Read more on Goodreads where you can also find a preview link under the picture

Find the new book Miranda Rights here  via Amazon    (All the books will have police themed titles.) “

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