Last Ship season 2

Sundays TNT 9pm

The Last Ship centers around a Navy vessel that searches for survivors and a cure of some plauge. It stars the former Doctor Mc Dreamy (or was he) McSteamy?  Eric Dane as CO CDR Tom Chandler  Rhona Mitra as Doctor Rachel Scott Adam Baldwin (as in the rest of them? He doesn’t look like it what is he the milk mans son?) as XO Mike Slattery My favorite character Lt. Danny Green played by Travis Van Winkle  and John Pyper-Ferguson who plays Tex that I think infiltrates or just has ninja like skills  and stalks around the two hour pilot and collects ourt heroes.

I can’t remember the last episode from last season and I missed the first few minutes (5-8) of this episode but that didn’t seem to matter (though I may still check it out anyway). i can say that episode is one whirlwind of a way to start the season.

The ship is taken over by what goes for as the new government (I think) I can’t think of the character or actors name that plays the part of who made the order. This is the same person who supposedly has a cure but instead of making enough for everyone they seem to have done pre-trials and only let a few in. While being lead to the mess hall we see two of our naval officers sneak into another doorway undetected. Not only do they start prepping to take over, but those in the mess hall start to as well. Adam Baldwin a slippery son of a gun in this episode, I’ll just say if you don’t start getting excited on your own with whats going on the ‘boat’ he’ll get you there! he sounded more like he was watching his favorite sport team come from behind, he started getting me more excited and feel the build to the climax of that plot of the show.

CO Chandler’s 2 kids and father are in some house. His son is sick (not sure if he knows this though) and is now getting worse. He’s got a high fever and when I say run a cold bath with ice water;  (I said this as I had a high one as a child and was dumped into freezing cold water in which yes had ice in it! I do remember screaming as I think I was half a sleep.)  I swear the character heard me (or one of them) as next thing they are saying the same.  The two hour pilot is a roller coast ride of emotions and action. It doesn’t feel like a 2 hour episode.

Episode 2 They are prepping to bring the cure to Europe and finally off the ship for an episode. Find civilians and families, clean up the streets etc

in the 3rd or 4th ep. they try contacting a hospital ship where they can make larger amounts of the cure. They come across  what is at first perceived as pirates. three’s a couple of new characters one I didn’t catch the name but she’s an Israeli soldier, and the other I only caught part.. He’s the Aussie Wolf. and just like wolves and Aussies well I like him, but more in character than just because he’s supposed to be Australian (played by Aussie actor Bren Foster ) This character is cool. He’s Ferice, Fast, and Kickass. There were a few cool moves and like a said fast choreography for his fights that I might have to rewatch.    He’s cool and a new fave (besides Lt Danny Green)  I just hope he doesn’t get killed off in the episode. Wolfman as he’s dubbed by the dorky looking soldier boy who I swear should have played a brother  to Zach Gilford’s Matt  Matt Saracen in Friday Night Lights.


As far as the shows that have aired this season, I think it’s better than last season.

Post, posted notes…
Binge worthy

Motvision seal of approvalThere’s some funny parts in this. I was surprised as its usually always so serious. Quite explosive Every episode this season has truly escalated and accelerated and upped the ante.  This season has definitely been movie caliber stuff!

well that’s an intense 12th episode         “aliens from bat-shit crazy’ – Chandler       Who Cap said something funny



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