Fridays on  Syfy

10 episode Space bounty hunters from the creator of Lost Girl Michelle Loveretta and from Temple Street Productions. (wonder if there might ever be a cross-over with Dark Matter)

The premise is 3 space bounty hunters played by the eye candy actors Luke MacFarlane from the Night Shift, who plays D’avin a soldier who thrives on hand to hand combat. His brother John played by  Aaron Ashmore who is a wise cracking pacifist sweetheart  and Brit actress Hanna John-Kamen who plays their boss the flirty and lethal Dutch.

The future is shown as a dark, frightening hopeless mess but funny and smart ass.  I haven’t seen anything frightening yet though other than maybe the slave ship. It’s not one of those depressing dystopian futures where everything is ruined, scorched or whatever other settings there have been of that sort.  Instead they are in a star system called the Quad which is close to having a class war. The Quad a cluster of 4 planets two of which looks like our own Earth and Saturn however they seem to have renamed them.  They collect or kill their target if necessary, however the second ‘card’ Dutch is supposed to get is intercepted by John as his brother who he hasn’t seen in 7-8 years, is the target.

So far the FX are good as well as the fight choreograph, and action.  21 minutes in the highlight is the slave ship fight.


For those of you that watched Dark Matter you may think this is going to be the same thing as that was my first thought when I saw the ads for both of them.  Yes they are both in space and on a ship but they are at 2 different ends of the spectrum. This one is a bunch of bounty hunters while the DarkMatter Ship is populated by a bunch of criminals that have yet to figure out what is going on.

Seeing isn’t always believing but so far KillJoys is worth your time and a fun ‘ride’. I think the shows maybe after they have established themselves, should have a cross over event maybe next season I do hope so far at least Kill Joys gets one but that’s just with one episode.


Review by Bardic Impulses *Kill Joys  imdb page  *  KillJoys Syfy Official site


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