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I hit a homer. K.Now Vote for Donaldson!!  Posted by Stephen Amell on Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Brother

Liz from Florida sounds like Lea Remini which is from Queens or brookly so how the hell does someone from Fl. Get that accent?

Jason a cashier/stockboy from mass  and unlike Frankie Grande and a few previous gay contestants.. I’m not liking him so far although he did give me a laugh walking into what I call the ‘velvet’ room with the purple and bright ‘pinks’ saying OHMYLANTA

Vanessa is a pro poker player  from vegas and possibly Bi  (and while they house guests are being said to be superficial which I can see… I think this one needs to take some of that 4 million in poker winnings and get herself at least a new nose, if not complete face… I ran screaming from the room when I saw her.

John from Scranton Pennsylvania is one rockin dentist and definitely does not look like one! (i hate dentists, but if he were around here and I could go I’d give him a try)  and he may be the youngest one

Becky is from Denver Colorado and loves nature

Steve from Governor (or something like that)  NY  Loves music  and engineering

a couple from a season of the amazing race is on this year (gods I hope they didn’t send back the red nightmare) Apparently Big Brother guests and spectators are going to be punished for ‘Brachel’ being on that show. I definitely don’t like Jackie and that Jeff dude who looks like he should be a rodeo clown.

And the co- HOH of the year for the first week is Tiny lil  Jason.



Please vote for my favorite Driver Kevin Harvick


Sexiest vegetarian-celebrities


Under the Dome  s.3

What did the narration from the past seasons say 3 months or 3 years?  Ewww ectoplasm but there’s no ghosts …yet or are there? Now that was an impressive ‘fireworks’ display to start the season but what will the consequences be. Oh Yummy  Mike Vogel in Tac gear… Ug there’s time travel or flash backs or maybe an alternate universe  not sure what we have here. Maybe its the alternate universe being as the ectoplasm is there. Whatever the case.. this show has hurt my head. y bet is parallel/alternate universe/dimension. It took a few yers but I now Officially dub this the ‘the new Lost’




guardians-of-the-galaxy-flash-and-the-walking-dead-win-big-at-saturn awards


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