Shafe animated ‘poster’ (fan made?)

NBC    Thursdays

Inspired by historical events however contains fictitious characters, places and circumstances.  The gritty 1960s set Aquarius chronicles the drug fueled social and political revolution.

The 13 episode series stars David Duchovny as the crew cut L.A. Detective Sam Hodiak, an alcoholic adulterer who can be an asshole but a likeable one! One of my favorite scenes (well a few) and favorite highlight of the show is when someone spikes his drink with an acid laced smiley face.  I think if no one else does The Avatar Awards *(my awards) will nominate him for a performance of the year for that one.

His partner Grey Damon as Brian Shafe the long haired  undercover cop, living in a white neighborhood with a black wife, who infiltrates Manson’s sexed up , drug addled ‘family’.

Aqarius MansonGethin Anthony we need not really introduce as he plays ‘The Name’ of the show Charles Manson the aspiring musician, hippie commune leader with a God Complex. If he looks familiar to you then you must be a Game of Thrones fan for he played Renly  Baratheon back in 2011. It is the Manson part of the story that caught my curiosity. I thought it was going to be an historical account but even if not, it has still be an interesting ‘ride’. Not to mention brilliant casting just look at that picture on the left. When Gathin Anthony is on screen, you pay attention no matter what. He steals every scene he is in, even when Duchovny or Damon’s detectives are in the scene. Emma Dumont plays the pretty new thing among Manson’s ‘Hiram’. Though unlike some of the other girls, who to me come across as brain washed, she’s smart and still seems to have a brain of her own.

The show was posted for binge watching on streaming platforms as well as (free) On Demand, sadly it was only the first 12 episodes that were posts on demand. You can watch the shows that have already aired free on  or  Via Amazon

Grey Damon will seem familiar to you if you watched the CWs canceled show Star Crossed from a season or so ago and Claire Holt a female officer  previously played The Originals Rebecca Michaelson (and Vampire Diaries as well)

the Cast L to r: Grey Damon, Clair Holt, David Duchovny (really did I have to note his name.) Emma Dumont and Gethin Anthony aka Charles Manson


I find the show to be interesting and flows smoothly enough to watch by week or even so by binge watching. I watched about 2 shows a day just so I could get this written at least by half way point. (From the looks of it… I did well)




I love the poster art there’s one like this for Hodiak and Manson as well

 There’s so many cool posters with 60’s style art I just about added them All. However I don’t want to congest this with images alone so  Those on this page are my top favorites and I included this link to look at more of the posters


Now as for it being Binge worthy, I’m not sure. I had no problem watching it, but it did feel like a slow burn so maybe easiest to take take as a double feature instead of a binge





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