Entertainment Advice: Recaps, Tv partners & more

As you can see This article I scanned is from Entertainment Weekly.   I started to scan this Ask Dalton section in when I found something I wanted to chime in on, as he didn’t give a second option to the answer or whatever other reason(s).

I have a few others either older or newer I will post from time to time, to include my 2 cents or suggestions to help as well


For instance, on this one

Someone asks if a recap can replace a tv show.

Well in the Lost Boys Movie Grandpa says “Read the Tv guide, you don’t need a Tv” sadly the tv guide is no longer made or written the way it was back then.

I say Yes. A recap well written can replace a show; however  that depends on if they write out the entire show play by play and highlights.  Sadly though the things that only you or your friend may notice while watching say something or someone you may have a joke about, or wearing that dress you bought wouldn’t be included) Also Why would you even want to just read a recap of the show. Are you interested in it at all? To me it sounds like the person asking does not. If you were interested at all in a show, you wouldn’t be having a problem even watching at least one episode to see if you might like it.  Also it’s a lame ass reality show that is passed it’s prime and I think your time would be better spent with some other show (or reality competition)

I don’t like reality shows but as far as I can think I can count the number on one hand I do watch. Face-off on Syfy I watch religiously! Thanks to the show, I even figured out how to do my 2014 Halloween costume!  here’s the Halloween costume from 2014  For me it’s not a reality show, it’s an educational show!

The  other competition reality I can think of I watch is Big Brother, I watched the first season, and there are a few others I’ve watched part of and since I think it was season 12 I’ve watched most of them. I do however if the cast annoys me or there’s no one ‘likeable’ in it, do not watch .

As for the Golden Age of Tv…

That depends…  I think each decade has it’s own ‘Golden age of Tv or Movies’ maybe one or 2 years some really good stuff comes out then crap ….

Say for instance… I would never watch procedural shows (unless you want to count Buffy or Supernatural as such.)

Now I think starting summer 2014 there’s been a Medical drama The Night Shift on NBC,  This year CSI (Cyber) NCIS;New Orleans ,Battle Creek, How to get away with Murder,  Stalker  and Forever. Previously all I had was Elementary and  Hawaii 5-0 and it was more for the Hawaiian landscapes and the Danno/McGerrett  moments (or as I call it my Weekly 1 Hour Hawaiian Vacation)

I would say the past 2-3 years better shows have come out, so many so that I have multiple shows on a night at the same times as others. I usually spend the rest of the week catching up.

However also think a very large part of the 80s was the golden age (& I don’t mean because of the Golden Girls, though they are part of the reason. Why because they were one of the best if not THEE best sitcom. I still get a kick out of Sophia and Well Betty White… I’m surprised they’re not making Jokes about her like they do the rolling stones! (which I wouldn’t be surprised if they were mummified and had electronics stuffed in them to make them puppets!

As for the 90s shows.. There’s only a few I can think of off the top of my head… Buffy, Angel and X-Files~ and then there’s the Simpson and oh Yeah, though not for quality.. The Power Rangers! Why… because the freaking show is still going after all this time! (and I hear from the original Green ranger’s page) there could be or is a new movie in the works.

As for that last one..

I don’t watch shows with anyone. I prefer to have peace and quiet for what I watch depending on which shows. It’s one thing to interrupt my watching and chancing your life, but it’s another thing to keep making any form of noises (like snack bags (or those inside a box)moving, chewing, and other assorted noised that those in my house make let alone even talking.) There are also certain shows that I HAVE to watch live (Walking Dead for instance) I don’t know why my father watched Axe men when the other is a quality show. Axe-men just sounds like all they do is ‘Beep’ out the entire show, there’s no story to it just the same thing every week. Now see There’s 2-3 other shows on the same time as the Walking Dead, but this wins precedence as it was on seasons before the others. (ie: Secrets and Lies) the only time I watch something else at the same time, is when the priority show is on hiatus.

So  If you can’t wait to watch a show, tell your viewing partner tough Rotten Corpses.. I’m watching it!

I won’t spoil it & don’t ask me for hints…


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