True Detective (season 2)- We get the world we deserve

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This season the plot revolves around the bizarre murder of a city manager ‘Casper’ that disappears and leaves some sort of billion dollar development in possible peril. This brings together our Tri-squad P.D.,

The officers Ray Velcoro a crooked cop that’s become a wishbone for those he serves of the equally crooked P.D. and the Mobster Frank Semyon,  that owns him for something he did. He has a son who he took care of while the wife up and left then comes back wanting a divorce, so he’s trying to get more custody of his kid. I keep trying to call him velcro but hey it’s just an extra ‘O’ in the name so why can’t I remember it? I got a chuckle at one of his scenes, which I’ll just note as the ‘Halloween house’ as it’s the only thing in the whole episode that looks decorated for Halloween. it’s the first decoration you will see if I remember right (and I’ve watched the first episode quite a few times!) another was the morbid line he sprouts at the end of the scene (I guess it just surprised me, maybe that’s why but I have been known to have a morbid sense of humor at times)

As for Rachel McAdams’ character I haven’t heard really anything about her character except that she plays Ani Bezzerides a detective with the County Sheriff’s Department. Her first scene is at home in the morning and leasrn right off she has a thing for no strings attached kinky sex. Basically her character though a strong female presence is no better than the rest of the rest of the skanky slut  whore characters, or at least only that she doesn’t sell herself. Ther’s some problem between her and he sister a turquoise haired webcam ‘performer’ something like Athena the love Goddess (yeah someone needs to go back to school to find out what Athena really was a goddess of). I think they have also both been in a mental clinic or for rehab (maybe a combo of the 2).

from Left to right Erik Estrada, Larry Wilcox, & Robert Pine (yes the father of Chris Pine)

And last but certainly not least the reason (besides Farrell) I am watching this year. Taylor Kitsch’s Paul Woodrough is a war vet with PTSD, and is currently a California motorcycle highway cop (that doesn’t sound like a good mix). Everytime I see him in the helmet and uniform all I can think of is CHiPs and seeing images of the actors from the show in my head for instance this one of Erik Estrada  He’s running from a sexual assault scandal that he’s blamed for after pulling some chick over, and the assault  never really happened. He’s involved with some chick but seems to be too screwed up to really get close. Kitsch’s character when shirtless has what I guess is a burn scar on his shoulder and part of his side and some sort of scar on his inside forearm that looks like that stone rash from Game of Thrones. It’s his character that finds the dead body of casper at a picnic table  while out for a ride on his bike.

I guess its with the development in question that career criminal  Frank Semyon played by Vince Vaughn  has made the move to get into legitimate business.  However it is Casper that is supposed to give the speech and is the one that knows what is needed about it. When I first heard he was going to (at the time possibly) be in the show I scoffed. I am still skeptical even after watching the first episode. Can he really do a serious role? He will have to be quite convincing to win me over being to me when he’s supposed to be funny, he can’t even hack the comedic roles and make me laugh.

So our characters have their flaws, and quirks and depth. The story so far at least is layered  and not only are they connected  by this murder case but there’s at least one or 2 other ways  I’ve noticed a couple of them are.

UGh again James Frain is in something I watch. I’m gonna have to put a stalking report out on him! He seems to be in every damn show I watch! Ok Sorry about that rant. (It’s just annoying and if there were a way to do a stalker report on him and keep him away I would.

So season 2 has ended and did we find out who it was that did kill the Casper guy? Is it me or did the show deviate from the main  plot? I think I got lost somewhere in the show.  Aside from deep, layered characters…(as well as Taylor Kitsch & Colin Farrell) I really don’t know what other reason to watch this was.

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