Warcraft Trailer is HERE!!!!!!

I’m not big into video games, but I am excited for this movie! Some of my favorite actors are in it sadly one is ‘animated’ (think of the way golem was done in LOTR & the Hobbit with the motion capture) actor Rob Kazinsky however is a big gamer and was basically a pro at the game. If you watch the ‘How the director’ video  (the link that’s before the trailer) Rob (er Ogrim) explains how he felt when he would show up on the sets. He has tweeted that ‘The film lives up to our expectations’

So I’ve curated an assortment of items for you to lead up to the trailer.. and don’t forget to choose which side you are on.. me… I can’t decide I’m torn between Fimmel’s Alliance and Kazinsky’s Horde (if I were to be nepotistic I’d go with Rob as he’s born the day before, but I don’t want to base a choice on that.

Wow.. as in the surprise as well as short for  World of Warcraft  is directed by David Bowie’s son! (Duncan Jones)

29 Warcraft movie facts


Choose your side

Personally I don’t play, but 2 of my fave actors are in it. One on the Alliance side, the other motion captured for the Horde side..  HELP!  Please reply with what side I should root for. (and if you do play is it on the computer or via a game station like Xbox etc, do I have to pay to sign up etc?)

Warcraft alliance    or   Warcraft Horde



The FULL Trailer just released today


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