TV Tuesdays- Dark Matter

Syfy Fridays

Nice little fight to start the Premier, lasts a minute or 2. From the fact that none of the characters  can remember who they are or any other memories , and wake up on a ship in space my theory is it’s some sort of prison ship. So they go Scooby gang and split up to explore and some come to find skills they didn’t know they possessed, one’s a hacker, another seems to be an electrician, another martial arts. Oh yeah and the doctor on Lost Girl, plays an android in this!  The girl with the green blue hair seems familiar but I can’t place her. one time I thought it was ‘Beauty’ from Once upon a Time then I thought the actress from Orphan Black (which wouldn’t be possible because likely both shows film at the same time) and others would pop into mind but no takers. The characters decide to name themselves by what order they woke up.

Number one is Marc Bendavid who is apparently the eye candy for the show looks familiar and to me looks a cross between Cam Gigante, James Maslow and maybe a little Max Theroux) and being I was already going on IMDB to write the review turns out he’s been on Bitten before.

Number 2  is played by Melissa O’Neil  who has few credits to her resume  but I do see a 2005 Canadian Idol listed  and 2011 Dark Chronicles which sounds familiar but can’t recall if it’s a show and what station it was on. She comes out kicking ass and asking questions later. She also ‘somehow’ knows how to work the ships controls.

Three played by Anthony Lenke was on Witches of East End White House down Flash Point (that might be the one I think I  recognize him from the ads for it) Warehouse 13 and quite a few others. No idea what his purpose is yet, other than to maybe be the ass of the group, that no one likes.

The android is in fact played by Zoie Plamer or Lauren on Lost Girl. The android can manually fly or repair the the ship,  through it’s ‘mind’, or manually do it to show (and with her and maybe another one or 2 of the cast members I think I can ssay Syfy like CW is starting to recycle their actors!

Alex Manari Jr. who plays character 4 is a skilled martial artist and you may remember him from his appearance on FX’s The Strain as Carlo or 2014’s Robocop.

So on to number 5 the Blue/green hair girl (yes i’m obsessed with the hair color) She played Bree in the Twilight Saga (eclipse) was in Cabin in the Woods and though I saw the previous 2…AH! she was the little girl in Silent Hill, Jodelle Ferland. She’s the electronics/electrician expert  and last we have number 6 played by Roger R Cross who has been on The Returned, Arrow and The Strain plus a whole lotta video games! He looks like he’s the muscle other than that not sure if they revealed his skill.

They end up landing at a farm and getting some food. One thinks they are supposed to help them and by the end of the show we find out Who and, or what they really are, and why  and from the sound of the ‘We’re dangerous’ that’s said in the commercial I doubt my theory is far off

The show felt like it was over in a blink, which by me mean good story telling. In other words, they aren’t boring us, and the show moves along smoothly plus that there’s just enough action and such to keep you entertained.  I just hope when KillJoys start, that they’re not going to be the same type of show.

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