Three Days Grace- HUMAN (2015)

Human cover art


Founding Frontman Adam ‘Adz’ Gontier left the band the end of 2013 (or maybe officially the beginning of 2014) . So who’s the new guy? Well if he looks familiar to you he is My Darkest Days Frontman Matt Walst, yes younger brother of 3DG bassist Brad. Matt was the best option as he is already quite familiar with the band’s music having grown up with them, not to mention the fact he has already collaborated with them once before. He wrote (or Co-wrote) 2-3 songs on the self titled album.

A initial listen to the album as a whole my ears say it’s a strong effort, more like the first album as they said they wanted it to be. Some of the songs however come off to me  with a tiny hint of a pop sound. you can also tell there’ a new singer but      not by much. I think you could say Matt has a softer voice than Adam.

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tracking the songs….

  1. Human Race– I like the Rhythm of the song but  it’s very simple lyrics wise. It’s just like a verse or 2 and the chorus over and over.

2. Painkiller–  This is definitely a top favorite on the album maybe I should listen to the song instead of taking one when I need it! (Back & Hip pain)

3. Fallen Angel– Basically a ‘power’ ballad. I can relate to the lyrics in a way but some may in another.

  1. Landmine– what I liken to be 3DG’s attempt  to something like Godsmack’s Time Bomb. So far I think it is the heaviest on the album and definitely another favorite. I think this would be totally kick ass in concert!
  2. Tell Me Why- dramatic build up and another i can somewhat relate to
  3.  I am Machine-well I think this is a good idea for a Terminator soundtrack! To me the lyrics can be taken as to how a machine sees us humans and our daily routines we are like machines that can lead us getting into a rut. I’ve felt this before be it just getting into work and going through the motions (ahem.. ‘Phoning it in’) as well as while I was in a depression.
  4. So What–  another new favorite of all time faves of the band and that is especially for those who don’t care what other people think, because what they do think is redundant. If they don’t like you for you with any faults then they are not worth your time! Also sounds a bit THRASHy
  5. Car Crash– I wonder what their story is behind this song, like if a friend was in a crash or if its a metaphor  about someone’s crazy ex. Sounds like a ballad
  6. Nothing’s Fair in Love and War – as of first listen through I’m not digging this song and so far the only one I’m not thrilled with. It’s short, no depth I’d like to know what songs didn’t make it on the album (wouldn’t it be great if bands released ALL songs they had written on an album or 2. Like Guns and Roses did with Use your illusions?) Wish I could have elaborated on this and maybe another song or 2 lyrics with my own writing skills.
  7. One too Many – Will have to throw this on a play list after Godsmack’s Whiskey Hangover (mmm Bar jukebox list?) and when it comes too Jello Shots I have learned there can be such a thing as one too many(espeicially when they’re from the Ukrainian Festival man that’s gotta be 100 proof they put in those. Those last 2 I had a few years ago packed a punch . Won’t be slurping those again!) I like the beginning of it the whisper like singing as if you are sneaking around. THe guitar sounds raw (you’ll knwo what I mean when yu hear it)
  8. The End is not the answer -1 part messege  maybe about anxiety and depression one part realtionship  song You choose which you think. A fitting song for the last song of the night.. before encores
  9. The Real you – I’m mixed on this one. Part of me likes it part of me does not and I can’t figure out or maybe I just am not sure how to explain what reasons why for either.

The Verdict

Worth the purchase of the disk. Yes I disk, as in CD which has better sound than digital

(like Crapple Tunes, not to mention the fact they seal your money) The only thing they are good for is buying single songs, if even that as the sales guy at best buy has downloaed songs from them and it wasn’t even the full song!

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You can find out more on the guys and their music on my   Three Days Grace Hubpage 


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