TV Tuesdays ~ The Whispers

Are your lights Flickering and acting strange? It just might be drill…

Lily Rabe plays Claire Bennigan  a child specialist (with Homeland security I think it was) whose husband died in a plane crash and son Henry is deaf. 

There’s a few characters in the chilling show, about a so-called imaginary friend that may not be so imaginary. The beginning of the show was a bit creepy with the ambiance and as adorable as the little girl is seeing her talking to the bushes gave me a chill, even more so when she coaxes her mother up into the tree-house I just knew what was going to go down (no Puns intended).

Milo Ventimiglia on first sight you’d swear he should be playing Charles Manson in Aquarius but looks the creepy drifter type and who  i think may be drill and conveniently doesn’t remember his name.

Wes Lawrence (barry Sloane)  father of Minx is stationed in Africa on a job. Ooh sick what the heck is that?  well what he finds, is quite creepy looking! I thought it was a bare tree with what looked like creepy ripped & grey haunted house  sheets draped over it (yeah I watched too much Scooby-Do0 as a kid.. and when I can catch it on the classic cartoon station. )  Whatever it is looks alien whe you first see it. Really it looks like a spooky old tree or something that crashed (and was maybe

crumpled like a foil boil a bit as well) It also looks alien, which I first thought it was. In the show they said its rock. Sorry haven’t seen any rock like that in my Rock & Minerals book. Its got those icy blue electric veins through it oh and it’s accessorizing with a plane (guess what plane!)   Turns out the creepy alien tree thing is ‘Petrified Lightning’ (ok where do I get some?)

Cool Petrified Lightning actually is a real ‘thing’! Dragon? Snake? Why don’t they put something like this in a movie! that’s just freaky looking

Oh snap. just found out who Milo’s character actually is!

Guess I’m a sucker for the mysteries! I think it usually takes 2-3 episodes to really decide if you want to watch a show, so I will be tuning in to be sure it is worth it and add anything more of note to this review.

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