Wayward Pines Review

as Previously Preview May 12 Here’s my preview of Wayward pines

Oh the cop from iZombie is a shrink in this. The credits remind me of a cross between American Horror Story Freak Show, and a tinge of Game of Thrones.

Opening on Dillon on his back with one bloodshot eye open near a stream bed made me think, is this going to be like lost?

Lost opened and ended on Matthew Fox laying on the ground.

As mentioned in the preview Matt Dillon plays Secret Service Agent (or former agent) Ethan Burke. “we do more than just protect the president”  One scene shows  Ethan in a shrink’s office during a session, which makes me wonder if the character is dreaming or if its a figment of his waking imagination as he is in a coma after that accident and wakes in the hospital.

I think there are a few flashbacks in the pilot. There are times when I’m not sure if he’s in Wayward or if it’s life previous to it.

Some of the other  characters are

Juliet Lewis who plays Beverly a bartender which has been stuck there for what she thinks is weeks. She’s trying to help Ethan out; and when Ethan asks for her at the bar, the ‘tender at the time tells him there’s only him and one other guy that works there.

Terrance Howard who plays Sheriff Arnold Pope who is creepy and just screams crooked to me. Not only Creepy but seems incompetent and has definitely got to be the ring leader in some fashion. and toward end of Episode 2, that is proven!

Carla Gugino– Kate Hewson

Shannyn Sossamon– Theresa Burke  Ethan’s wife

Charlie Tahan – Ben Burke Ethan’s Son 

Melissa Leo as the creepy knowing Nurse Pam, is she an agent of control in this town?

Toby Jones – Dr. jenkins (wait is’t he the Hydra Doctor? from the Marvel Movies?)

So is this a ‘nuts’ running the nut house situation or what is going on?


Ethan  has most certainly found one of the missing Agents he and his partner were headed out to find.


  • Why are “There are no crickets in Wayward Pine”? Which Beverly writes on a napkin. When Ethan leaves the bar, and hears crickets he looks in a shrub and finds a small speaker.

-I wonder if this is one of those towns you ‘hear’ about that the whole town people and all disappear  (I don’t know if places really exist but I have seen a couple shows or movies where this is the case)

  •  “10 16 28  is not doing well” mmm are we playing a numbers game here like Lost used to? If you tally these up it equals 18 and more so down to a 9, which is said to be a magic number also for those who did not watch lost, 16 was one of the numbers in the mythology of the show. My Theory is it’s some sort of Prison or Experiment so would be a patient number.

-Beverly says she ended up in Wayward pines in 1999, and says it will be 1 year that she;s been there. Ethan tells her it’s 2015

*Upon finding Agent Kate who he was with 5 weeks ago, tells him she’s lived there 12 years!

So what’s with the time? How can one character thin she’s there just for a year and really be there 14 years and another see one just weeks ago and 12 years already have gone by? My theory on this is possible brain washing

  • How did Dr. Jenkins get out of the town? Does this mean it’s some ‘social Experiment’?

-Why counterfeit money?

So talk about Big Brother what would you call an entire town that watches you and listens in?

(I’ll add to the Rules as the show goes on)
  1. Don’t try to leave
  2. Never Discuss the Past (why?)

3. Do not discuss your life before.
4. Always answer the phone if it rings.
5. Work hard, be happy, and enjoy your life in Wayward Pines!

There’s definately an unwritten “Or else’ at the bottom of those!

So after writing up my notes from the Pilot I read the entertainment weekly Review. The critic mentions the ‘crib shot’ from Lost, and the theme of the review is “The Ghosts of the Crypto-Thrillers past haunt Wayward Pines like a Stir of Echoes/ The first title evokes Twin Peaks as does the show’s small town setting.” I couldn’t help but laugh at the ‘Theory’ made about the show, that it’s a burn at M. Night Shyamalan.

Is it a pocket Universe (like a I said a disappearing town) Ew says our guesses will evolve as the 10 episode ‘Puzzle’ goes on. Critic Jeff Jensen in part of his description of Dillon’s nicked face and ‘Lumbering Gait’ likens him to a ‘Zombie with a Franken- face’ (Oh Kim …stop laughing and finish the damn review!!!! ) The Shocking Number of  (deaths?) and several entertaining performances will hold your interest. Giugino has the most alluring mystery. The 2 of them know how to work in the murk,  you everything that’s tired, Tedious and trippy  B-

(Credits:The EW Review as mentioned was from the #1363 May 15 2015 issue)

Ok wait so we and Ethan both know (as seems everyone else) that there are hidden viewing & Listening devices, so Sheriff why are you trying to make like you aren’t watching, (I’m sure you at least have a screen to watch the town)  and coming in and I heard or got a call that you’ve been to see so and so…. ) also am I the only want to wants to backhand him? (thoguh that would come off girly for me I can punch, but not smack go figure!)

 http://www.buddytv.com/articles/wayward-pines/wayward-pines-episode 2 recap-things-get-


WOAH! Thursday June 11th’s episode  S.1 E.5 ‘The Truth’ Dropped a BOMB! (or 2) Quarters that are from (our) future 2095 and it’s even further than that in the show like 4000 something! There are ‘Abbys’ (Abnormals)  Homosapiens that mutated (I think my genetic enhancement to try to save the human race) The community  is supposed to be the last of our race (so basically a human Zoo or a ‘fanny farm’ without the padded walls.  all I could do was stutter as there were parts from the beginning I remembered and well it hurt my head for close to a minute as I worked through what i cold remember of the show.

Some curiosities… are these clues?  not sure…


wayward  11 (either Exit or miles)





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