News lowdown May 21

I’m thinking I best better post this lowdown before the weekend being it’s a holiday. There’s a bunch of bits and bobs here I hope You’ll enjoy the collection.

& Happy 1st annual Red Nose day



I KNEW it was going to be Val & Rumer!  (Undefeated!)

Val Rumer Times square GMA spring 2015 2 Val was asked during GMA if he would be back. He said he would be back. Dancing witht he stars winners 
Ha ha.. this ws cute

The Voices-

2015   R  1 hour 43 minutes. starring Ryan Reynolds whose character jerry works at the Milton factor living a batchelor lifestyle with his Ginger Tabby cat Mr. Whiskers and Dog Bosco (I think it’s a boxer) which talk to him (The Tabby cat has a Scottish accent, was floored by this and is a hoot). You can think of the cat and the dog as the Angel & Devil on your shoulder bit like in the old cartoons (like my fave Tom& Jerry). Ryan looks younger in this like from years ago can’t figure out why. Jerry has some sort of mental issue that was inherited from his mother who could ‘hear angels’. There’s a part that I swear i was watching Bates Motel. I was enjoying the story and into it and then the damn disk froze and started from the beginning around an hour in!  So I will have to continue this when I get the new disk. Incomplete grade… C   Of course now that I had to wait for a new DVD to watch what was left of the movie (only a couple of days but still) so it has lost its momentum for me. Well the movie is at least morbidly humorous, and there’s that disturbing musical number  at the end which to me had no business being in there and ruined anything I enjoyed about the movie. lost momentum grade D

True Detective Season 2 starts June 21 

CW Upfronts Fall Schedule
abc- Upfronts fall-tv-schedule/

You can also find these ^ links as well as the listing of the Returning canceled and new series ordered for the 2015-2016 fall season if you click the telly talk tab in the menu above

Scream Queens coming this fall  


Supergirl premieres this November for a Monday night 8:00 p.m. time-slot on CBS.

Coming in 2016




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