Audio Literacy~ 3 Days Grace talks

The Norwood Ontario  Canada rockers started out in 1992 with the name Groundswell until I think it was 1995 then became 3 Days Grace  with Lead Adam Gontier (Lead & Rhythm Guitar) , Brad Walst (bassist) Neil Sanderson (drums) and Barry Stock (Guitar). Their sound is described as hard Rock, Post-grunge alt. metal. Recently the lead singer left on January 9th 2015 (temporary as far as I know) and I think I saw it on 3 Days Grace or My darkest Days site that Matt  of My darkest days the the younger brother of  Brad, in 3 Days Grace (didn’t know that!)  was announced the end of February or March as the new singer. He is a fitting choice as he has been there and even wrote or co-wrote some songs on the first album.   Now back in 2011 I got to see Three Days Grace with Avenged Sevenfold in Albany, WHY couldn’t this have come sooner? Oh well at least I got to see the original guys together first, let’s hope I have a chance to see Matt with them. The band with ot without Matt is high octane energy, there was at least one song I was almost dancing in my seat 9I mean that in a good way as I don’t ‘shake my butt’ around to music often. Also there’s a song or 2 that My Darkest Days has that makes you want to dance as well ( At least It’s only one song I can think of for each)   Read their official Bio and find their videos here sadly they don’t have the info with the previous lead singer (Check out that fact sheet though! esp. 3rd & 4th ones  so learn more here on Wiki (though I don’t put too much belief in their pages as anyone can really ‘tamper’ with them, I’ve found incorrect information more that once within the wiki pages on other artists, actors and other topics)

So the guys talk about the story behind their song Human Race.

and Oh my Matt thenew  singer (as well as My Darkest Days singer) Did dye his hair black!

watch-three-days-grace-talk-new-singer & more on q104.3

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& here’s the video

Track by Track Review from artist Direct   You can find the link to my review near the album cover


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Three Days Grace




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