Tv Tuesdays ~ Tatau

Premiered Saturday April 18

BBC America  10pm (est)

1 hour   Mystery, Drama

imdb page

Joe Layton plays Kyle Connor who is visiting the Cook Islands for a bit of fun with his friend ‘budgie’ played by  Theo Barklem-Biggs .  After a bit of this fun Kyle starts seeing some woman he doesn’t know, one vision of her is that she is dead.

One guy tells him he has a nice tattoo and asks if he knows what the symbols mean, but having designed it himself he does not know, he just always saw it in his mind. The guy doesn’t even explain to him what it means.

Kyle has visions of a local woman ina red dress, who has drowned.  Somehow he comes across  someone in her family, they  asure him that she is fine and well. When her brother goes to pick her up at the airport, Kyle and his friend are there.

Kyle is still having visions, and sneaks on the property and hide out in the garden where she notices him in the bushes. She is kind enough to hear him out, and even along with her sis in law meets with him to hear him out further.

So far I like the suspense of it. Can he save her as the old spirit man says he’s supposed to? The girl’s family are pearl farmer’s and have been for generations.


I think you will have to watch fromt he beginning to be able to keep up with it. So maybe view it live (or via instant video… here via Amazon Tatau, Season 1   otherwise  Tatau will be available in June on DVD & Blu-ray



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