Royal Baby #2 is here!

Not really entertainment, but seem to make it so with gambling on what the Baby will be and what will be named.

So I wish you all well… I know my hunch was right on what it would be


So what did the Duchess of Cambridge have? Well I think I’ll torture you a bit longer

Prince George ALexander Louis’s baby sibling was born Saturday morning (may 2nd) at  8 pounds 3 oz,   or 3.7 Kilo.  Yes I was right!

 I saw  those 2 huge teddy bears on the new last night or the night before. Also the odds on the names. I think Charlotte was one of the names being yelled. Never cared for that name.

The new born  Princess bumps Uncle Harry to the 5th in line for the throne she is the Queen Mother’s 5th Great Grand child.

So will they name the Princess after Queen Elizabeth or someone else from the Royal Family as George  was? Maybe Victoria or Diana in honor of the Prince William’s mother. Or as with the young Prince, maybe even all the names!

I heard that  for decades there hasn’t been a Princess born this high…

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