Book Bind Friday- Another Point of View by Richard Jubak

Another Point of View

by Richard Jubak


The author is aAnother Point of View by Richard jubak family friend (you could say since before birth) and  being I currently do not have the money to order a copy (if there’s a print version); I thought I’d at least try to help him out and do a preview and  interiew for you.

I remember some of what he told us at the holiday gathering, that it was religious but being that not everyone is into reading that, he thought to write it from a scientific point of view.

For your convenience Here’s the direct link to Amazon where you can find Another Point of View for Kindle


my Interview with Rich


1.What made you or Why did you write this type of book? This is a topic that has always been true to my heart and gives necessary meaning to my life. I’ve always been the type of person that believes that no amount of information is enough; and that I shouldn’t just blindly accept what people authorize to be accurate just because they proclaimed it. Believing the constant and passive aggressive insults that insinuate that these idealists know better than me and I should just freely give up my comprehensive thinking and submit. My desire to ‘know’ is what inspired me to live a life absorbent to intelligent understanding; realizing that asking questions is the only way to get wise answers, and whether or not my thoughts and assessments are accurate. I believe it offers a unique perspective that some might find as interesting as I have when I learned them.

2. As I have been writing a story or 2 for a few years (or at least from time to time) I am curious to know if you write on paper first then copy it to a file, or just type it straight to a file? I am such an annoying perfectionist when it involves certain areas, and ‘writing’ is definitely one of them. Everyone needs to be exceptional with at least one thing to give satisfaction to their self-esteem, and this offers the positive attitude and motivation in order to achieve one’s goals. This reflection is what causes me to be extra careful and protective of my views in regards to always writing the correct words, attempting to avoid misunderstandings or aggressive behavior toward other people’s passions; and because of this, I first jot all my ideas on paper, then I structure it in a more confluent and linear format. Still remaining on paper, I write my ideas a third time in a notebook while using previous writings and research evaluations as my guide, but displayed in a very simplistic, straight-forward manner. After this third step is complete, I begin the typing process and escalate the vocabulary and arrangement of sentences to exhibit a more interesting and/or poetic visual that challenges to keep the reader interested in the material. You could have all the answers in the world, but unless you write it in a way that inspires and excites the reader, you might as well not.


3) -What works in process are you currently working on? Any more Books? Anything else? and where (if possible) we can find them?

‘Another Point Of View’ is my first published book but I definitely have much more to say. Although APOV is securely an arrangement that stands completely with its own distinctiveness and independence, it is not nearly as extensive as it was originally designed; because it was universally too long for acceptance or consideration. I had to rewrite it several times in order to separate my thoughts into two manuscripts that remained cohesive, and yet, could still be read and understood without the influential presence of the other. So my second book will be the additional information that was absent from the first, completing the series. My third book will be a collection of poetry I have written over the years, told in a story-like method, reflecting on the many trials and tribulations I had to experience and suffer to make me who I am today. Along with all the love and hope inspired events that strengthened my faith and motives for answers during those tough times, staying focused and clear-headed on my goals. The fourth and final book I have planned is going to be based on a true story, reviewing and then following the present life of a woman that had to endure a great heartache watching the one man she had ever loved lose his identity to the tragic condition of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and the corrupt and inhumane system the world has established in dealing with patients as helpless as he was. Also the faith and profound determination she possessed to protect him from this organization, sitting by his bedside every day to ensure he received the attention and care he deserved, sacrificing her entire life and happiness to provide the needs and possible momentary satisfaction for her dying husband.

4) Your thoughts on getting published (currently on Amazon for Kindle so far) and if you would (or could) can you please explain the process to us a little bit.

During the process of trying to receive publication for one’s manuscript, you are introduced to all the restricted unadvertised structures of predetermined expectations that a publisher has implemented in their organized arrangement. Many rules that you just have to figure out on your own through many attempts to find a publisher. One being, the manuscript cannot exceed past a certain amount of pages. Although this is subjectively decided by the individual, 300,000 characters/ 60,000 words seems to be their standardized limit. Do not be carefree with the fonts or letter size but make it as simple and straight forward as possible. Publishers receive many manuscripts a day, so if it doesn’t even initially meet their criteria, it will be tossed; and most of the time without explanation. Without an agent, it is impossible to find a reputable publisher that will readily and candidly represent your book, especially if it deals with philosophical views or poetry. (Reputable meaning they handle all expenses and are contracted directly with retailers for immediate distribution of your book) The only publishers that will possibly represent your book are ones that construct it for you, make it available on the internet for purchase, and will provide the opportunity for its attainability in the retailer’s catalog for them to examine and hopefully purchase for their stores. Finally, do not become discouraged and do not become overexcited, or you may do something you’ll regret and will not be ready when a unique opportunity is presented.

5) What do you think of the Social Media impact between fans and those they admire?

I believe that social media is extremely important in order to connect with your audience. If you are someone who is talented enough to create something that other people can admire, relate and/or just enjoy, then you are blessed and must be available to appease their interests and excitement. Social Media also humanizes the ‘admired’ and gives great opportunity to even the playing ground so that the realization that we’re all situated identically becomes more evident. We all have a desire to succeed, to be important, to accomplish and achieve one’s goals; and we all possess the fear that we will ultimately fail. So it is imperative to have contact with someone that broke through the repetitive and bewildering rejections, letting you know it’s possible if you work hard and never give up.

 6) Could you please include a mini biography?

Growing up in very meager circumstances actually conditioned me to appreciate the things that money cannot buy: loving family, friends and a healthy outlook on life that exclusive belongs to me. Integrity and character are truly the only things in this world that can never be taken away, only compromised by the individual, which is why I always try to surround myself with positive people, positive influences and a positive mentality.

Growing up in a situation where most of the time I had to be alone, I kept myself entertained by reading comic books and watching movies/TV. In regards to comics, the epic battle of good and evil always appealed to me, where the good guys always won and the bad guys always lost; revealing some sort of lesson to be learned by the reader and as I matured, my need for stimulation became involved with more complex considerations. My reading materials primarily became more intellect nurturing and skill acquiring. Not one particular Author stands out because the books I was accustomed to reading were Psychology, Philosophy and Science books, with a firm foundational source of biblical studies.

Even the movies I was watching had inspirational effects on my current position, whether they were deeply meaningful to me like: Matrix or Groundhog Day, educational period pieces like: Last Samurai or Saving Private Ryan, or even fictional epics like Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars; they all played their part in prompting my opinions and decisions because art has always imitated life.

Classical Music by Howard Shore relaxes me and sets my mind at ease, even though I always say, “Peace is the person whom knows how to enjoy silence without becoming antsy or bored”. Presently, I have decided to dedicate my life to helping others, and have found much happiness in these self-appointed duties which leaves me little time for anything else. When I do have a moment, I enjoy exercise, cooking, but most of all, I enjoy my chosen profession: writing; and I will always be grateful to have an opportunity to make a living on the one thing I truly love.


For your convenience Here’s the direct link to Amazon where you can find Another Point of View for Kindle

for those of you like me that prefer print, there are physical copies available. (I’ll have to check and see if at least one of my local libraries has it.

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