For those of you that think there have been way too many CSI’s, you are not alone. Whatever the reason you have not been able to get into one, if  you are even interested, and have yet to come across one for your tastes, try this one.

Previous to this year I was never into procedurals, but thought hey ‘Dawson’ & Patricia Arquette is in this, so why not (also the rapper that was known as Lil’ Bow wow!) I thought to  give it a try. So far I’ve done well on my picks for new shows this season & pretty much all Procedurals! (How to get away with Murder, NCIS: New Orleans, This, & Stalker.) This one is a bit more fresh, compared  to the few epiosdes I had seen of the previous incarnations of the shows, and this may freak you out in a way. For instance  after The March 25th episode I was ready to keep the paper cassette out of my  printer or unplug it when not using. Why? A hacker was starting fires with a type of printer, from a code that someone wrote and others ‘upgraded’.

On Scorpion recently the villain hacked the car (and one reason I will purposely always buy some old piece of crap this way it’s a real car and none of that garbage plastic and electronics the hackers can get into. besides I prefer metal & Chrome to plastic)
While there’s drama, some pretty intense situations  there’s the occasional gag in it. I like the action, which James Van der beek and Patricia Arquette are the ones usually out in the field while the others are all at HQ.

Now for a bit of fun…

http://www.cbs.com/shows/What sort of crime-fighter-are you quiz/

I got CSI:Cyber~  I am however a little disappointed I didn’t get Scorpion (being as I am a Scorpio)

and on a side note… and hate to admit.. Damn Dawson got hot

you can watch  CSI: Cyber, Season 1 <– there via AMazon or  Wednesday Nights @ 10pm eastern on CBS


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